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Jennifer Lawrence Makes It Work In Hunger Games

One of the biggest responses in history of film-making has occurred in March, 2012. The phenomenon is called “Hunger Games”; a movie that has caught the attention of Jennifer Lawrence fans. Although she is not an newcomer to the big screen, this one film will undoubtedly put her in the spotlight for some time to come. A lot of Hollywood buzz has already hit the social networking sites and infiltrated the entertainment industry blogs and critic’s articles and reviews.

One of the noticeable appearances of Jennifer is that she wears simple jewelry; never trying to make a statement in her appearance or in the use of accessories. In the pictures seen here, her natural beauty speaks volumes which does not require a lot of bling to create a style or enhance her beauty. Jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets all have a simple and subtle appeal that does not take away from her looks in any form or fashion. This 21 year old has some stunning looks and a confidence in how she carries herself in public.


Being a major figure in the “Hunger Games” movie has not changed how she acts or speaks around her fans. If there is any question about whether stardom will change this young and vibrant actress, it can be answered by her interviews and public appearances.

What has really set her on top of the world is a combination of factors surrounding who she is and what she is all about when it comes to real life. Jennifer Lawrence was born in Kentucky, living with her parents and two brothers. As she grew and became active in everyday things that a teenage girl may aspire to do – softball, cheerleader, and even field hockey – her true passion was in acting. With some mild attempts at modeling, she actually had her eye set on the ultimate goal, the big screen.

While in New York at the age of 14, she and her mother had a few opportunities for cold read auditions. In both cases, not only did she do well, but the agents who heard the reads commented on how great she did. The invitation was made from these two modeling agencies for Jennifer Lawrence and her mother to stay in New York to further the teenager’s career. After the second such invitation, they did indeed stay. This one decision is what started a fantastic ride into several movies, a sitcom stint on “The Bill Engvall Show”.

In a Seventeen Magazine interview, Jennifer took time out to share her real thoughts on the whole skinny actress concept. Not holding back in the least, she made it clear that there is no way she wants to look like any other actress by doing severe dieting and such. The fever pitched downloads and searches along with social networking sites, people learned Jennifer Lawrence is happy to be herself and enjoy who she really is, inside and out. Ladies and gentlemen, she ‘is’ the real deal!

By James, blogger for Raymond Lee Jewelers, Boca Raton’s most trusted resource for used jewelry, appraisals, repair and restoration.

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