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IWC Little Prince Watch Pays Tribute to Classic Book

IWC Little Prince Watch Pays Tribute to Classic Book

Despite speculating at the DOB of future U.K. royal children being the all the rage these days, these watches were designed to commemorate “The Little Prince” one of the most beloved children’s books written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The story was written in 1943 but still has a dedicate following and its own website.

There are two timepieces that have come out in recognition of this timeless classic. The Saint-Exupéry was an adventurer and a pilot, so it comes to now surprise that both watches are in aviator style.

The Mark XVII Edition “Le Petit Prince”

This is the less complex of the two watches. It is driven by the 30110 calibre, and it features a 41mm case in stainless steel. There is a strikingly midnight blue dial underneath the front crystal with a sunburst pattern. It is also complemented by white lume on the numbers, handset, and indices that fits perfectly into the color scheme.

There is a subtle literary tie-in included in the watch. If you look closely you can see that at the end of the seconds hand there is a stylized star. This is a reference from the book that the titular prince is from a far away star in the sky, and came to explore earth. On the back of the watch you will fin an engraving the prince on an asteroid accompanied by the model name. The serial number will also be included, as there are only 1,000 set to be produced.

Big Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar Edition “Le Petit Prince”

The second watch is much more complex as it features the perpetual calendar that makes up 3 out of the four sundials. It also has a year register in between the seven and eight o’clock symbols. The other subdial features a moonphase complication.

These subdials also garner additional information. The subdial at nine o’clock indicates the day of the week and the small seconds. The three o’clock register has the day of the month and the available amount power left in the 7-day reserve offered by the calibre 51613.

This model also has its own fair share of references to the book. The moonphase complication boasts a small figure standing on the moon. When you flip the watch over you will find a medallion with the little prince sitting on the automatic rotor.

Down to the Prices

Aside from the complexity, the Big Pilot is also much more expensive. There will be 1000 of the Mark XVII made, but with the Big Pilot there will only be 270 pieces released to the market. This makes it as rare as it is beautiful. As a result the the Mark XVII will cost $5,400 (on leather), whereas the Big Pilot will have a cost $51,200.

Both models respectively capture the awe and wonder of this classic children’s book. Both are an ode to the fond remembrance of this book, with all the adventure and fantasy embodied in each timepiece.


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