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Unlock Your Aston Martin With This Watch

Unlock Your Aston Martin With This Watch

The James Bond favorite mode of transportation, Aston Martin, especially Aston Martin DBS and Aston Martin Rapide might not be the most expensive automobile in the world, but Aston Martin Rapide and DBS definitely flaunt a most expensive car accessory. Aston Martin has been the favored car of the heartthrob Spy James Bond, and Aston Martin Rapide and Aston Martin DBS can now be bought with a James Bond like watch which astonishingly doubles as the most expensive car key in the world!

Most Expensive Car Key in the World

Although this is not the radical spy watch actually worn by your hero, James Bond, with all their amazing features, you definitely have taken the first step toward owning it when you purchase your Aston Martin with this ultra watch that is also a secret electronic car key. Designed at Jaeger-LeCoultre, the watch is stylish and elegant, with a toned muscular look and feel to its design. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s engineers manufacture this amazing watch and they have mated high technology and high fashion to give birth to this most expensive car key cum wristwatch!

The Aston Martin DBS and Rapide transponders are deftly integrated into the watches, which makes them AMVOX2 Chronographs that act as a secret key and even more for Aston Martin automobiles. The AMVOX2 chronograph wristwatch boasts state of the art, trigger, vertical high technology and even more. The crystal sapphire of the watch, when pressed starts, resets and stops the operation of the stopwatch function.

The Secret Combination

The crystal sapphire can be secretly pressed to lock and unlock the most famous James Bond luxury vehicles, the Aston Martin luxury cars. When you press eight O’clock and nine O’clock, the door is unlocked, and pressing the crystal sapphire between three o’clock and four o’clock locks the door for you, allowing you to lock or unlock the Aston Martin by simply pressing the Crystal Sapphire. If you press them together, the headlights light up just briefly to locate the car (as well as drop the jaws of the people around you). The chronograph wristwatch is quickly accessed by pressing the glass at 12 or 6 O’clock , sneakily tilting it. The watch designers have made exceptionally brilliant use of the half size of your transponder module in this watch, and its antenna is positioned inside the glass face cover between four o’clock and eight o’clock.

One Size Fits All

This most expensive car key costs about $34,000, and compared to the Aston Martin luxury car prices, it could be called perhaps expensive. Very well, it is most definitely expensive, but it is so very worth showing off! Your loved ones should definitely appreciate your listing this auto-watch combo on your holiday Gift Wish List. After all, size will not matter!


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