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Iced Out Rolex Lady Datejust

Iced Out Rolex Lady Datejust

iced out Rolex lady Datejust watch

Most people regard the Rolex Lady Datejust as the apex of lady luxury watches from Rolex, both in form and function. There are a myriad of features that all add to Lady Datejust’s unrivaled charisma and mystique. It is the most iconic lady watch in the world of Swiss watchmaking. Here is an unmistakable status symbol with timeless appeal for the ladies. When you put a Rolex Lady Datejust on your wrist, you feel like a million bucks. It’s classy, it’s sharp, it’s sporty, it’s smart, it’s luxurious. Add diamonds to this, and you just turned the luxury into an iced out Rolex Lady Datejust up to eleven. 

We have a new watch in our Rolex catalog at Diamonds By Raymond Lee. It is an iced out Rolex Lady Datejust with a yellow-gold dial, black hands, and many round brilliant diamonds. It looks like a snowy, ice-covered volcano that just erupted. Here is a hot lady timepiece, yet so damn icy.

If you love diamond-encrusted Rolex lady Datejust watches, we already know you feel this one. The black dial hands on the face, yellow gold metal, and the diamonds on luscious rose gold makes for such a harmonious, alluring, and downright exotic look. It’s hard to take your eyes off it.

Let’s bust down the details of this iced out Rolex Lady Datejust together. Here, you will find exactly the details of this timepiece and how we paired it with other jewelry.

Living Up to the Standards of a Rolex Timepiece

Rolex is a household name. And for a good reason. This brand is the epitome of class and quality. Since the founding of the company, they have trained their focus on innovation and the use of high-quality materials. Rolex holds a wide range of patents. These patents are for various things, from watch movements and other internal workings to metal blends and bracelet designs. 

iced out Rolex lady watch

Every detail is given careful consideration. Only the finest watchmakers work for Rolex, and the company has a high-quality standard. Much of what goes into the design and construction of a Rolex is either now industry standard or something that many try to imitate. While many do try to imitate Rolex, nothing beats the real thing.

The company makes a wide range of watches that are as precise as good-looking. Designers create watches to the highest levels of craftsmanship and design. They utilize cutting-edge techniques and movements to ensure accurate and reliable timekeeping. These watches are versatile and stand the test of time. They also hold their value incredibly well.

Many pass these watches from generation to generation. Watches that pass down still work great and look timeless. The company has always focused on timeless and elegant design and style in addition to highly precise watchmaking. 

Into the World of Rolex Lady Datejust Watches

Rolex lady Datejust watch

The Rolex Lady Datejust watch is one of the most popular models the company offers for ladies. It is an elegant blend of cutting-edge internal watch mechanisms and a classic style. The Oyster Perpetual Datejust line of the watch has a lot of versatility as well, which the lady watches exude. 

This line of watches is also available in stainless steel, rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and more. Some watches feature diamonds that encircle the dial of the watch. For those who want a bit more glitz and glamor, a Datejust that features high-end diamonds is an excellent option.

This watch combines clean lines and quality design into a truly stunning, versatile, and high-end timepiece. This Datejust watch itself first saw its introduction in 1945. It’s the first self-winding, waterproof chronometer. This means that since the creation of the watch, they have a design that can withstand the elements and an active lifestyle.

It is an automatic, self-winding watch. This means that you never have to wind it by hand to ensure it keeps accurate time. Many high-end timepieces require manual winding occasionally, or the time will begin to be inaccurate.

The watch gets its name from the date that appears at the 3 o’clock part of the dial. All Datejust watches, regardless of the different styles and materials, will have this feature.

A Combination of Perfect Features

You have your choice of bezels. You can find flute, smooth, or diamond-set designs. This allows you to choose individual elements of the watch that perfectly meet your style. If you’ve chosen a diamond-set Rolex Lady Datejust, know that buyers hand-select every diamond that will feature in any watch. 

There are three different case sizes to choose from. You can select from 31, 36, and 41 mm. Rolex creates all the movements that feature in this watch. The company holds patents on these movements and is the only company that uses them.

iced out Rolex lady Datejust watch

Rolex Lady Datejust watches, like all Rolex watches, have a reputation for precision, a high power reserve, and resistance to elements such as water, shocks, and magnetic fields. Even if you live a more active lifestyle as a lady, the Lady Datejust can go with you. 

Many of these models feature the Oysterflex bracelet. This is another element that Rolex has a patent for. It is a unique style of metal bracelet that has comfort in mind. This is a watch you can wear all day in comfort. You don’t have to worry about it pulling hair or pinching the skin.

There are other choices for bracelets besides the Oysterflex. However, the Oysterflex option is the classic and most popular bracelet type. Bracelets feature a range of materials. They can be made from stainless steel, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, two-tone gold, or one of the two proprietary metal blends the company offers: Everose and Rolesor.

Iced Out Rolex Datejusts for Men or Women

Although the watch under review is a Rolex lady Datejust watch, iced out Rolex Datejusts are undeniably unisex. A man can wear any of them to perfection, and a woman could own the oversized grandeur look.

just as well. As we all know, modern women appreciate exquisite mechanical watches just as much as men, and the oversized “rocking a man’s watch” trend is booming. 

Pretty much all the women down here in South Florida contact us or come into our showroom looking for a man’s watch these days. We can’t blame them, there are more options, and the men’s Rolex watch line is far more iconic. They have more prestige. Like this iced out lady Datejust, they are status symbols. They declare spending power, a strong sense of fashion, and a love for the fine, age-old craft that is horology. 

Because of this, we modeled this Iced Out Lady Datejust on both a man and a woman. That way, you can see how it plays both sides of the coin flawlessly.

Iced Out Rolex Lady Datejust with Round Brilliant Diamonds 

Now, these aren’t just any round brilliant diamonds. These round brilliant diamonds are absolutely superb. For those who don’t know the Datejust line like the back of their hand, we should note that this is an aftermarket creation. Hence our little “bust down” reference at the beginning of this feature.

The round brilliant diamonds were carefully selected, as only the best of the best were purposed to be set on this Rolex Lady Datejust. 

iced out Rolex lady Datejust watch with round brilliant diamonds

Moreover, the craftsmanship was just as superb. Only the most detail-oriented expert gem-setter could do work of this caliber. The Rolex had to be drilled and set with diamonds, after all. Only with painstaking attention to detail could this level of workmanship be achieved. So, while there may be plenty Iced-Out Lady Datejust watches on the second-hand market, you’ll get hard-pressed to find one with this kind of perfection. 

Flawless Diamond Setting and an Elegant Allure

The diamond setting is a classic choice – tightly set rows of diamonds. So tight that the only rose gold showing are the links, the beveled edges, the prongs on the bezel, and the crown, guard, and pushers. It’s like a more icy version of frosting on a cake.

The watch has gorgeous contrast, both in terms of color and diamonds. While the case, bracelet, and bezel are covered in diamonds, the watch still shows its true rose gold nature. It does it in a very aesthetically pleasing way, as you can see in the pictures. It’s incredibly eye-catching, in a loud yet sophisticated way. 

As for the diamonds, the use of different sizes of round brilliants gives the iced out Rolex lady Datejust watch a wonderful definition. The bracelet uses rows of petite round brilliant diamonds of the same size. The lugs have round brilliants that graduate in size, perfectly filling the space. And the bezel has large, identically sized round brilliant diamonds, about 5 times the size of the bracelet’s diamonds. 

All in all, the contrast in color and diamond sizes makes this Iced Out Lady Datejust pop from every angle while, of course, still maintaining impeccable harmony.

Yellow Gold Rolex Lady Datejust Dial

The yellow gold dial stands out tremendously among all the ice. Keeping the dial free of diamonds allows the focus to be on the functionality and original beauty of its face. While we like iced out dials, the Rolex Lady Datejust dial looks best without diamonds. This choice adds to the contrast of the watch. Also, it doesn’t take away from what the iced out Rolex lady Datejust is supposed to be, a watch! 

iced out Rolex lady Datejust watch with a yellow gold dial

We absolutely love this dial. The monochromatic look with the brushed dial, black minutes and hour hands, and black hour markers. These markers are, of course, filled with a generous supply of lime for nighttime use. Then to add to the uniqueness of this Lady Datejust, it has black hands on the dial. The black hands go perfectly with the diamonds on rose gold, which pop magnificently on the yellow gold dial.

An Iced Out Cuban Bracelet

The Cuban link bracelet is a jewelry design that epitomizes high-end Miami fashion. One with pave diamonds, even more so. That’s why it is also referred to as a Miami Cuban Link Chain. Now, while the Cuban link was originally a men’s jewelry design, it is a unisex style—women rock Cuban link necklaces and bracelets in boss mode. 

Cuban links are a classic style. Timeless! They came to the scene in the 70s and have stuck around strongly ever since. That being said, they might never have been as popular as they are today. Even in the 90s when you’d see them in damn near every rap video. 

They are back stronger than ever. They come in all different sizes and shapes. There’s flat links, thick, long, short, plain gold, and pave diamonds. So, there are many different ways to create a unique appearance.

Everyone with money has Cuban link chains. However, not everyone has one handcrafted and perfectly set with diamonds, like the bracelet in this feature. You need to know how to spot a perfect bust-down Cuban link for that.

How to Style an Iced Out Lady Datejust?

There are no rules. You can wear this watch anytime, anywhere. Just like any Rolex, they are versatile and made for everyday, every occasion wear. It will look good with a casual outfit. And it will look great dressed to the nine at a formal gathering.

For a man, you could wear this watch as a stand-alone piece. It’s all you need to create a major “wow” factor. This iced out lady Datejust will be seen from a mile away. The pictures simply don’t do it justice, and the pictures are pretty great. So that says a lot. When you see this in person, you will be assured of its imposing impressiveness. It’s breathtaking, honestly. 

For women, while you can also rock this as one and done piece with any outfit, we’d love to see it paired with other jewelry like you can see in our photographs. If you want to keep the bust-down trend going and a Miami style, a Cuban link bracelet is an ideal partner in crime for this Iced Out Lady Datejust. 


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