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Hublot Watches Now Include a Loaner

Hublot Watches Now Include a Loaner

Have you ever taken your car to the mechanic only to discover it had a problem that would take a few days or a few weeks to repair? If you went to a high-end repair shop, chances are they had a car to loan you during repairs. This practice has become standard for many respected repair shops, and it’s spreading to new and exciting industries.

A New Leaf Has Been Turned

Hublot, a luxury watch manufacturer, has decided to adopt this practice. They are the first in the world of luxury watches to do so. Now, when customers leave their Hublot watches for a check-up, repair or service they will be given a special Hublot Atelier loaner. This is completely free of charge and serves as a temporary replacement. This avoids any gap in luxury watch ownership. When your Hublot is in for repair, a loaner Atelier will keep your wrist company. This service is exclusive to the 49 Hublot boutiques located worldwide. As of now, loaner Ateliers will not be available at multi-brand boutiques.

The Hublot Atelier is a unique watch featuring a black rubber strap, a quartz movement and black composite. These components are all developed and manufactured in Switzerland. These unique watches are not for sale and can only be obtained, temporarily, as a loaner watch from a Hublot boutique.

Hublot is the first, and presently only, company to offer a loaner watch program. They have undoubtedly set a new precedent in the world of luxury watches. Be on the look out for your favorite luxury brand to begin adopting this practice.

Increases Customer Loyalty and Connection

Hublot’s Chief Executive Officer Ricardo Guadalupe stated that, “With this, our customers will remain both physically and emotionally connected to Hublot until his personal timepiece will be returned in perfect condition.” Guadalupe is without a doubt correct. Customer loyalty is greatly enhanced by offering Hublot enthusiasts a rare luxury watch to enjoy while their own Hublot is being examined. This token of appreciation enhances the customers’ connection to Hublot, as they will now never be without one.

Travis G for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.


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