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How To Buy A Rolex Wristwatch?

How To Buy A Rolex Wristwatch?

how to buy a Rolex wristwatch

No one disputes the fact that Rolex is easily the world’s most celebrated luxury watchmaker. You might find other watch manufacturers that produce watches that are both costlier and more exclusive than Rolex timepieces. Yet, not many can boast the same level of global mention as The Crown. Ultimately, a Rolex wristwatch is now a universally distinguished status symbol. To buy a Rolex wristwatch is also synonymous with excellence, success, and personal feats. 

Nevertheless, buying a Rolex can occasionally be an intimidating task. For first-time Rolex buyers, it can get really complicated to even figure out where to begin your purchase process.

This guide presents a complete breakdown of everything you need to know to buy a Rolex wristwatch that truly pleases. Here, we will walk you through the necessary steps to making your first Rolex purchase. 

In addition, we will also go over the different processes of buying a new and buying pre-owned Rolex wristwatch. Find out how you can find a trusted dealer, and what you should never forget as you go in search of your dream Rolex timepiece. 

More than anything else, we believe that buying a Rolex should be a delightful process. However, nothing ruins the fun more than that feeling of being lost and confused. Thankfully, here is everything you need to know about how to buy a Rolex wristwatch. 

The Rolex Chronicles 

It is important that even before we consider the process of buying a Rolex, we take a history class on the brand itself. 

the Rolex chronicles

Rolex began operations way back in 1905 when Hans Wilsdorf founded the company. Presently, the celebrated Swiss watch manufacturer has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. You can now find Rolex watches on sale in more than 100 different countries all over the world. 

Also, the brand manufactures almost a million timepieces every year. Additionally, Rolex sponsors numerous different sports, athletes, cultural projects, and conservation efforts all over the world.

Throughout history, Rolex remains an outstanding pioneer in the watchmaking industry. This brand takes credit for various pacesetting and innovative breakthroughs. Some of them include the waterproof Oyster case and the self-winding perpetual movement the brand produced. 

Furthermore, Rolex also takes credit for producing one of the world’s very first dive timepieces (the Submariner). Also, the 1945 introduction of the Datejust quite literally laid a new standard for how a calendar complication on a wristwatch should work. 

Presently, Rolex is one of the most vertically integrated watchmakers in the watchmaking world. This company also produces its own unique stainless steel and 18k gold alloys. These alloys help in the design and production of their timepieces. All of these production exploits come from inside its own Switzerland-based foundry.

Why Buy A Rolex Wristwatch?

why buy a Rolex wristwatch

We can name a thousand and one reasons why someone would want to buy a Rolex wristwatch. For some people, buying a Rolex is due to the unaltered quality and universal recognition the brand parades. While for others, buying a Rolex is a grand means to commemorate a particular life event. Lastly, some go for particular models due to their remarkable ability to function as wearable investments. Here, we identified three cogent reasons why buying a Rolex remains a smart choice. 

A Special Way to Celebrate

Most Rolex lovers choose to buy a Rolex wristwatch as a means of celebrating an important life event. Sometimes, it is a milestone birthday, a wedding, the birth of a child, or even just achieving your professional goals. 

Regardless of what the occasion is, a Rolex purchase is always a special way to celebrate such a special occasion. More so, these Rolex watches can then be worn every single day afterward as a lasting remembrance of that memorable moment in your life.

An Outstanding Status Symbols

Moreover, since Rolex is the world’s most distinguished luxury watchmaking brand, Rolex timepieces serve as accepted status symbols. These watches get quickly recognized in any part of the world.

It doesn’t matter what age or model it is, all Rolex watches indicate to others that you are on a certain level of prosperity in your personal and professional life. These watches are by no means the absolute or costliest luxury watches out there. But, when it comes to broad recognition and commemorating your achievements, nothing makes a statement like a Rolex purchase.

Certified Investment Items 

Several people buy a Rolex wristwatch simply because they like them and want to have them on. But, luxury timepieces like Rolex watches wield an incredible capacity to preserve their value over the years. For Rolex watches, they can retain their value better than almost any other item out there. 

These Rolex watches are the best investments that you can don and enjoy every day. In addition, these watches can even appreciate if given enough time or if they find the right market conditions. Buying a Rolex is always a win-win!

Into the Rolex Lineup

Rolex produces an exceedingly wide range of models that stretch across everything from classically-styled dress watches to purpose-built divers. These watches come fit to travel to the very deepest parts of the ocean. 

making a Rolex purchase

Nevertheless, despite this variety and several distinct models that the brand delivers, all Rolex watches fall into one of two classes. Every watch in the Rolex lineup is either Classic or Professional.

The Classic Class

The Classic class in the Rolex lineup is where you will find all of the brand’s traditionally styled timepieces. Watches in this class include the Oyster Perpetual, Datejust, and Day-Date, as well as the Cellini collection. The latter is Rolex’s special line of dress watches. 

Watch models from the Classic class do not come with designs specifically for any one type of sport, environment, or lifestyle activity. A very good way to best describe these watches is as your “everyday” watches. These timepieces can be worn in a variety of situations. Also, they pair well with nearly any attire you choose to wear.

The Professional Class

When you consider the Professional class in the Rolex lineup, you will find all of its celebrated sport and tool watches. Some of them are the Daytona, Submariner, Explorer, and GMT-Master. The design of these models all specifically fit a sport or demanding work situation. Also, they often come with extra features or complications to help them fulfill their specific purposes. 

On a general note, these models come in larger cases and present more utilitarian aesthetics. Also, these Rolex watches often include more robust cases and enhanced water resistance ratings. A Rolex purchase in this class is strictly for their functionality.

Buying a Rolex Wristwatch

a Rolex wristwatch

As soon as you choose to buy a Rolex wristwatch, the next step will be making out which model will serve you best. It is impressive to discover that Rolex makes watches for virtually everyone. Whether you are scuba divers or frequent travelers, there is a watch for you. 

And, on the pre-owned market, buying a Rolex can cost as little as a few thousand dollars. And sometimes a Rolex purchase goes up into the millions. With the following tips, buying a Rolex can only get easier.

Determine how you want to wear your Rolex timepiece

Before you begin to scan through models, it’s first crucial to ask yourself, how you plan on wearing your Rolex timepiece. 

Are you one of those who see themselves only wearing their Rolex watches on special occasions or with formal attire? If yes, then you might want to go for one of the many timeless and traditional models in the Rolex classic class. 

On the other hand, do you plan to wear your watch all day, every day, and in a broad variety of active environments? Then, one of the brand’s sports models like the Explorer or Submariner will be a better pick for you.

Discover Your Preference

Now that you have a rough understanding of what you need from your watch, the next step is discovering your preference. You need to find out what your taste is exactly. For instance, do you feel you need a classic everyday watch with a date display? Then, the Rolex Datejust is a great point to begin your search.

Meanwhile, some endless different variations and configurations cover several different materials, case sizes, dials, bracelets, and bezels.

Draw up a Budget

Finally, when you step out to buy a Rolex wristwatch, you must go into it to understand how much you can spend. For the cost of a Rolex watch, it ranges from as little as a few thousand dollars all the way up to well over a million. Most times, it is the slightest details that cause an extra zero (or two) behind a watch’s price tag. 

Aspects to Consider When Making a New Rolex Purchase

a new Rolex wristwatch

You can’t find any of these Rolex watches on sale online. So, when it comes to purchasing a new Rolex, the procedure is quite easy. Simply go onto the brand’s website and find the location nearest to your authorized Rolex retailer. 

Nonetheless, anyone that tries doing this in the last few years will discover something rather displeasing. In reality, this process is nowhere near the straightforward process it should be. So, consider the following aspects before making that Rolex purchase.

Consider the Cost

When buying a Rolex from a retailer, Rolex watches are not all that expensive compared to many other luxury watchmakers. The vast majority of Rolex watches have a price tag ranging between $5,000 and $50,000 when bought brand-new.

Truly, this is a huge amount of money, but fairly reasonable compared to some brands, whose least luxury timepieces start at a six-figure price tag.

Consider its Availability

It is a fact that Rolex is the most popular luxury watch company in the watchmaking industry. Hence, the demand for Rolex watches far surpasses their supply all over the globe. Also, the vast majority of Rolex’s most preferable models get completely sold out at retailers already. However, these watches are still in production and technically available at retailers. Yet, you cannot buy them brand-new without spending a huge amount of time on a waiting list.

Therefore, it is essential to consider the availability of that Rolex wristwatch when making a choice. 

Consider the Waitlists

It is simply not right to talk about buying a Rolex brand new without talking about the infamous waitlists. These waitlists affect most of the brand’s legendary and prominent models. A large number of Rolex’s most prominent timepieces are always sold out at dealers all over the world. This includes all of its stainless steel sports watches.

Also, most have multi-year waiting lists with no guarantee that you will ever get the watch. You might be on the waitlist until the model gets discontinued completely. Therefore, it is important to always consider whether the timepiece is on a waitlist before you buy a Rolex wristwatch.

Buying a Pre-owned Rolex Wristwatch

a pre-owned Rolex wristwatch

A pre-owned market is a great option for you if you wish to escape the endless waitlist or cut down some costs. But, you also need these three tips to ensure you can easily buy a Rolex wristwatch on the pre-owned market. 

Go for a trusted dealer that has your preferred Rolex wristwatch

Start by narrowing down your search and determining the particular Rolex model you prefer. Afterward, the next step will be to locate a reliable pre-owned dealer that has the watch you want. Remember, what you need is an honest and reputable dealer.

Assess the Watch’s Condition

This process involves first, verifying the authenticity of the Rolex you plan to buy. Then, verify its condition both by looks and mechanically. 

You can easily assess the external condition yourself. But, it is important to do the same for other parts of the wristwatch. You might easily deal with a small scratch on the side of the case by polishing it away. But, for any damage to the dial regardless of how small or faint it is, only a replacement will do.

Verify the Warranty and Guarantee

Whatever pre-owned Rolex dealer you go for, you want to be sure they stand behind their watches. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we stand behind every Rolex that we sell. We offer warranty and guarantee packages to confirm that your watch is in excellent condition when you get it.


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