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High End Watches for Everyday Use

High End Watches for Everyday Use

There is something about the connection between a powerful man and the timepiece adorning his wrist. Does the wristwatch give the man power, or is it a staple of a man’s wealth and taste?

Although you may have a broad collection of luxury wristwatches, this is a list of some of the best for every day use. A wristwatch that not only screams taste and class, but durability and practicality is a great function of a watch, all while tying together an outfit or a look.

The Seiko Men’s Kinetic Coutura Watch is a very practical timepiece for everyday use. The design style is masculine and modern while easily adaptable with any fashion statement. This watch, geared toward a man looking for a reliable timepiece with maximum functionality will appreciate the durable stainless steel case construction and the legible black dial protected by a solid sapphire crystal. For a very small investment, this watch has a kinetic memory able to keep time for up to four years when it’s not worn, making it a worthy, inexpensive part of any collection.

An incredibly functional timepiece for everyday use from a relatively new watchmaker is the NOMOS World Timer. For under $1,000, this practical wristwatch is stunning and versatile, offering a very sophisticated feel. The World Timer comes on a soft leather strap for a great, under-stated look in and out of the office.

A Rolex Explorer 1 is a great timepiece for everyday wear. It’s simple and understated to those who don’t know. Others who are keen on the brand will know that you got what you paid for and you wear it proudly. This simple design is great for everyday wear—a watch that isn’t too bulky (a property in watches that tend to attract them to scratches and breakage—something to be avoided in a daily wear watch) and great for the office or leisure, this wristwatch also holds it’s value really well in the resale market. A durable diving watch for everyday wear and off the beaten track from the usual Rolex Daytona and Submariners that you see every day.

I am an advocate for luxury timepieces, but if you’re looking for something super reliable for everyday wear, these are great options at the lower end of the price spectrum.


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