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Hermes Counterfeit Ring Grief Takes Surprising Turn

Hermes Counterfeit Ring Grief Takes Surprising Turn

The news of Hermes counterfeit problems have taken a surprising turn as recent development reveals that the company’s own employees played a role in the counterfeit scheme. As of yet, police have arrested twelve suspects involved with counterfeiting several popular tote. Two of the twelve suspects were Hermes employees. Their role was to aid counterfeiters by supplying the designer’s material, such as sheets of leather that police found in a workshop in France after the bust. These offenders have been fired from their positions.

It isn’t yet known what positions these employees held within the French luxury house, but there are speculations that the fraudulence goes as far as the artisans. What is for sure is that these counterfeit rings, which extended beyond France and Europe, moving into the United States and Asia, have resulted in quite a financial loss for the company. One Hermes counterfeit ring alone has pulled in nearly $22 million dollars in sales or, according to the Huffington Post, 18 million euros.

For years, Hermes has been the epitome of luxury fashion with high price tags and a prestigious fan base. Celebrities like Janet Jackson, Demi Moore and Fergie have been spotted with their own Hermes handbags. Soccer player David Beckham and wife Victoria Beckham are also no strangers to the French designers.

Hermes has offered no substantial information on the investigation except to say they are pleased with the crackdown, but they believe more of their employees are at fault. This tiny bit of information leaves many to believe that the controversy surrounding Hermes and this surprising counterfeit scheme is far from over.

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