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Heart-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

A heart is a symbol of love. So, there is no better way to celebrate love than with a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring. It expresses your commitment, so it should be as unique and gorgeous as the bond you’re creating. 

Since its introduction, the heart-shaped diamond has become a loved and appreciated stone. Its unique design is a perfect fit for any cut style, making it elegant as well as sophisticated. 

Having the right features, and the perfect shape, it represents love with excellence. And of course, It is brilliant, and classy. 

For all these reasons, the ring is guaranteed to set a more romantic tone in your engagement plan. 

History of the Heart- Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Have you ever wondered where the heart-shaped diamonds engagement ring concept came from? Since the piece of jewelry is a symbol of love, care, and affection, it makes sense for the diamond to look like a heart. 

The concept originated in the mid-15th century. 

The foundational story links with the royals. So, the royal roots of the heart-shaped ring are undeniable. In 1463, the Duke of Milan, also known as Galeazzo Maria Sforza and Nicodemo, discussed the shape. Nicodemo was the Duke’s trusted friend. 

After discussing the heart-shaped ring between these two, Sforza was the next to mention it. Sforza, in his description of the affluent Cosimo de Medici, compared the cut to Titus Livy. Through him, the world got to know that heart-shaped diamonds started to exist in the 1400s. 

The royal family then loved the heart-shaped diamond ring as a bonus. It made more people develop an affinity for the cut. In 1562, Mary Queen sent Queen Elizabeth 1 a heart-shaped diamond ring. So, the world got to reencounter the cut in the 1500s. Many people made a big deal out of the gesture. And so, the majority still see it as one of the most significant symbols of friendship between royal families. 

The incident between Mary and Elizabeth changed things. It made many people start seeing the heart-shaped cut as a symbol of love. And, not only as a symbol of love. But also as a symbol of friendship. As expected, it popularized the heart-shaped diamond ring even more. French statesman Cardinal de Richelieu also got a 20 carat heart-shaped cut from a merchant. 

What makes the Heart-shaped Diamond Engagement Ring Special?

The heart-shaped diamond engagement ring has gained global popularity in recent years. But, many people do not know what makes this particular type of ring so special. Indeed, the heart-shaped ring is not like your traditional diamond engagement ring. So, let’s take a look together at some of the things that make this kind of diamond engagement ring so exceptional.

  • Modern Cut

To make the heart-shaped diamond engagement ring, gem cutters now use lasers. And of course, they use computers too. The use of these modern tools gives a heart-shaped ring a modern look. And as expected, it makes it look more classy and attractive. If you are the type to favor modern looks over vintage, you will find it worthy. 

  • Low Demand 

An engagement ring should make the bride feel special. If she goes about to see thousands of other people wear it after giving her a ring, she might not feel special. But with low demand, the possibility that your bride is the only one wearing the ring is high. So, she feels like she stands out among her peers. This beautiful feeling may make her love the ring even more. It is perfect alone 

  • The heart-shaped diamond engagement ring looks fine as a solitaire.

 It is safe to say that it is unlike the diamond cuts that need other cuts to complement them before they shine. With the heart-shaped, there is no need to worry about surrounding stones. The cut is large enough to beautify the fingers. 

  • The design is Unique 

No matter how cliché it sounds, many people still have sentiments for love and the semblance. In this case, the heart-shaped diamond engagement ring represents love in its shape. So, trust that some people will prefer this cut only because of its unique shape. Apart from the heart-shaped ring that can draw sentiments, it is also a pretty intriguing shape—complex, and at the same time, eye-catching. 

  • The value increases with time 

The heart-shaped diamond engagement ring has been around since the 1400s. And it does not look like it will leave soon. At least, as long as the heart remains a symbol of love, people will associate the heart-shaped with love. This is not bad for the market at all. It means that the value of this ring tends to increase with time. So, instead of decreasing in value because newer brands will take over, it will not. The uniqueness of the shape means that it will be competing in the market for the long haul. 

  • It Is a symbol of love.

We may never know what crossed the mind of the gem cutter that created the heart-shaped cut. But, what we have come to know is that he made magic. And this magic has been around since then and has become a symbol of love. This has made lovers see the heart-shaped diamond engagement ring as the perfect gift. 

  • It Signifies Goodwill

It is easy to see what the royals aimed to achieve by exchanging the ring from history. They exchanged the heart-shaped diamond ring among themselves to extend and promote amity. So, apart from being a symbol of love, it symbolized friendship. And since the royals practiced this, others have used the ring for the same.

  • Most valuable

The combination of many things makes the heart-shaped diamond ring. One of which is that it is difficult to get the exact shape of the cut. Gem cutters have been able to do this only with the help of tools. The effort that goes into making the heart-shaped diamond ring makes it valuable. In those days, it was the most valuable. 

  • It looks like a Pear -Shaped Diamond

Although they are not the same, you could mistake the pear-shaped for the heart-shaped ring. What differentiates both is the presence of an aperture at the top of the heart-shaped diamond ring. Both are brilliant and look elegant. 

  • Recognized By Celebrities

Lindsay and Carla Bruni are some celebrities who have worn heart-shaped  rings. Gwen Stefani has also worn it. The fact that celebrities have endorsed it puts extra value on it. 

People who love and admire celebrities would peep at the ring and get curious. It does not mean that they want the ring at all costs. It means it can get them interested enough to check it out.

Most of these are facts about the heart-shaped diamond engagement rings. ;

So, we understand if you desire  to get one or more heart-shaped diamond rings as soon as possible. While it is okay to do what you want. You must follow the right tips and tricks before choosing your ring.

Some of the tips you should use when choosing your heart-shaped diamond engagement ring are: 

  • Consider the Symmetry

Before choosing the heart-shaped diamond engagement ring, symmetry is critical. One side will not be identical to the other, but you must cut both sides to the same proportions. 

As a general rule of thumb, you pick symmetrical stones where each half is the same size and shape. To ensure that you do this well, you should see what you are buying before you buy it. 

  • Pick the Right Size

The trick to getting a heart-shaped diamond that is visible is getting a large one. If the heart cut is too small, it is possible that you do not see the shape from a far distance. A heart-cut of about 0.50 is good. But, it can be more extensive. The larger the carat, the more visible the heart-cut on your diamond ring. 

  • Consider the Length to Width Ratio

It would help if you considered the length of your heart-shaped diamond. It is also vital that you check out the width of the cut. A length to width ratio of 1:00 is the average. If it is more than 1:00, it starts to look narrow. And, if it is less, it looks wider. 

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a narrow heart-shaped diamond. Also, nothing weird about a wide one too. It depends on what you want to use it for. A narrow heart-shaped diamond is perfect for drop earrings. But, it may not be ideal for an engagement ring. In most cases, an engagement ring will look better when the heart-shaped ring is wider

  • Consider the Color Grade

The heart-shaped diamond engagement ring tends to show a tint in the stone. So, they function better as coloured diamonds. Because then, they won’t be under strict supervision to maintain 100 % purity. To learn more about colored diamonds, check here 
You may go for grade D-F if you desire excellence when choosing the color grade. You could also go for a lesser color grade if you prefer warm tones. 

And yes, the least of your worries should be how much you have to spend if you choose any of these color grades. The price interval between them is not huge. 

  • Choose the perfect setting for the heart-shaped ring

We have established that heart-shaped diamond engagement rings do not need unique accessories. This is even truer if the cuts are big enough to act as a solitaire. But, what happens when the cut is not as big as you want? Or what if you wish to wear another band around to complement the cut regardless? Well, nothing says that you cannot do this

If you want to get a setting for your ring, you must get the most fitting one for yourself. 

Pick the Clarity Grade

You do not have to try too hard before noticing a flaw in the heart-shaped diamond. Because of its faceting structure and clear table, you will see the flaws if they are there. It is eye-clean, so you get to decide clarity by observing.

When you are preparing to pick a clarity grade, you must go as low as possible for the clarity scale. 

Choose a perfect setting       

The setting you choose when your stone is small is always different from when you choose a big one. Are you using a prong setting? You can use the three-prong setting for the minor cut. But, 

If choosing a prong setting, you can opt for a three-prong setting if the diamond is small. And, of course, five prongs are for larger diamonds. 

Look Out for the Bow-Tie

Bow-tie occurs when gem cutters do not cut a stone well. This poor cutting of the stone will distort the passage of light through the diamond. Instead of light penetrating with ease, it creates a shadow within the stone. This shadow results in the darkened area on the diamond. We call them bow-ties because they lie across the diamond-like a tie would, on a chest. 


If you want a ring that is both beautiful and represents your feelings, you should check this out. You might find the heart-shaped diamond engagement ring worthy. 

For many, the heart-shaped diamond engagement ring symbolizes love. To some, it is a sign that the person  has found a worthy partner. Regardless of the reason for choosing the design, it is a special gift to give to one’s loved one. 

To know about the heart-shaped diamond ring’s features and price details, you must learn. First of all, about the best places to find this piece. And here is the home for it.

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