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Gym Fashion Inspired Statements

Gym Fashion Inspired Statements

Over the last few seasons, it has become trendy and sought after to gain that “just left the gym” look–even on the streets. Cut off shirts, wristbands, tights–all trendy.

Do you think these statements should be kept solely in the gym, or are you embracing the styles as well?

This BCBG by Max Azaria Track Jacket is not only work-out inspired, but trendy and fashionable. $278.

This Alexander Wang inspired statement, comfortable and chic, are sweatpants–that you can acceptably wear in public! Making a great fashion statement with a cut-off shirt, they retail at Barney’s for $335.

Black Milk Clothing has reinvented the traditional, 1980s, spandex legging into AWESOME with these vintage-gaming Tetris leggings that can be dressed with simply an oversized, racer-back tank top. $76.76

This knotted-strap crop top from Forever 21 incorporates an eye-catching color, casual and loose fit and great price point for a casual, gym-inspired look. $6.80.

This look, featuring VS Siren Legging Pants ($49) incorporates an oversized, comfortable shirt, bold colors, and slim-fitting in all of the right places for a fashionable look for day or night outings.

Also coming back are home-made cut off tops made from old/vintage t-shirts, cut-out necks, cropped leggings and oversized tanks, bold colored sports bras and loose, showy tanks and color-blocked sneakers, like these Nike Lunar Eclipse Running shoes, above.

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