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Great Tips That Will Help You To Store Wedding Jewelry – Guest Post

Great Tips That Will Help You To Store Wedding Jewelry – Guest Post

Great Tips That Will Help You To Store Wedding Jewelry

A wedding is the most awaited and auspicious occasion in everyone’s life and for this occasion, would-be brides try to purchase the best bridal jewelry and gowns. They likely will want to keep their beautiful jewelry as it is for long period of time. Many of the brides are very particular about their wedding attire and bridal jewelry, and want to store it carefully.

But have you ever thought of putting your bridal jewelry – whether it is diamond or gold antiques – here and there or just casually. I think that’s a big “No”!! So, it is the dream of almost all the brides-to-be to keep their wedding jewelry in the same beautiful condition as it is on their wedding day forever.

For such cherished possessions, it is advisable to keep them packed carefully with perfect handling also. Here are five effective tips for storing your wedding jewelry to retain its charm forever.

  1. Try to purchase good-quality jewelry box:

The first tip for keeping your jewelry safe and long-lasting is to purchase a strong and durable jewelry box. Now, if any bride purchases low-quality wooden box, then the problem will not arise frequently or within few days but gradually; the protective layer of velvet will start wearing away and this may damage your jewelry, especially small things like delicate earrings or rings. Therefore, treat your jewelry box as an investment and not as a waste of money.

  1. Keep all the jewelry pieces in different sections:

Generally, most brides overlook this fact and put all their jewelry in a single jewelry box without any section. Though it is very easy to do, think of the situation when you take out the jewelry again to wear it. Your necklace will surely tangle with your earrings, rings and bracelets. So, for perfect handling try to keep all your jewelry articles in different places. If having enough space is your problem, then a jewelry case designed especially for your bridal suite can keep your jewelry safe in a compact case.

  1. Bring a necklace box for the bridal necklaces:

For perfect handling of your bridal necklace, keep it in a long and rectangular shaped box with internal hooks especially made for hanging the necklaces. This box will likely come with your necklace when you buy it from the jeweler, so keep your necklace in it for your wedding day and beyond.

  1. Try to keep the jewelry pieces separate from one another:

Again, if you store your jewelry separately in different pouches made up of fabric, then firstly it will provide perfect handling of your jewelry and secondly, it will save your jewelry from wear and tear. Also, you can use raw silk, untreated cotton or acid-free archival paper for wrapping your trinkets. After wrapping, you can pack it very gently.

  1. Avoid the use of plastic bags:

Many brides unknowingly or knowingly, put their wedding jewelry in plastic pouches. Some plastics emerge harmful gases and that can result in damage to your baubles. Your jewelry may become discolored or suffer other types of damage by storing it in plastic jewelry bags. Also, try to store the your jewelry the way that your jeweler instructs you to to protect the pieces you cherish.

Finally, if you follow all these instructions thoroughly, then I am sure that your wedding day jewelry will last as long as your marriage – a lifetime.

Ilya Elbert writes for a boston custom jewelry store located in Newton MA.


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