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Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation Gift Ideas

Tiffany & Co Paloma Picasso Charm Bracelet

Late spring and early summer is a special time to celebrate graduation. If you have several graduates in your life this summer then you will want to start thinking about the perfect gifts to present to show them how proud you are of their accomplishments.

Tiffany & Co Paloma Picasso Charm Bracelet

Tiffany & Co Paloma Picasso Charm Bracelet

Graduation Bracelets

A lovely trend this year for graduates is graduation bracelets. In the theme of the charm bracelet a graduation bracelet is a charm bracelet dedicated to one’s accomplishments. Charms can be chosen for sports that were participated in, awards that were granted and even for majors for college graduates. The graduation bracelet is a great accompaniment to the class rings for female graduates.

Class Rings

One of the most symbolic pieces of graduation jewelry is the class ring. This is not just a great graduation gift idea, but almost a necessity in graduation preparation. The classic graduation ring is a symbol of accomplishment as well as school loyalty. It is also a great way to show off the things a student was passionate about in high school such as sports or clubs. Class rings todays can be a stylish piece of jewelry as well that your student will be proud to wear for years to come.


For many graduates graduation marks a time to embark on new adventures often involving travel. Luggage sets are a great way to get a graduate ready for their next great adventure or just help them out with college packing. A great, quality luggage set can last decades and take your loved one on many trips.

Getting Practical

In addition to sentimental gifts which abound at graduation time, there are also many practical gifts that you can give to a graduate that are sure to be appreciated and used. Many graduates will be heading off to college away and may have lots of traveling to do between home and school, a good set of new tires is a practical gift that is sure to have any graduate who is strapped for cash singing your praises. Helping a new graduate get ready for their first apartment is also a great way to show your love in a practical way. Gift cards for home furnishing stores or even a few pieces of furniture for their new place shows your support of them launching out on their own.

Ready to Work

If your high school graduate is about to head off to college or your college graduate is about to head out into the work force then a new laptop will definitely be appreciated. Most graduates do not have the luxury of cash on hand as they are paying off student loans or just trying to pay for books. This gesture shows that you believe in their work or educational dreams and you want to help encourage them.


Graduation is a time to look toward the future, think about the past and make some big plans. This is a perfect time to present your graduate with an inspirational book that perhaps meant a lot to you or which you think will be an inspiration to them.


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