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Eternity Diamond Necklace

Very little can match the elegance of a fine eternity diamond necklace. Eternity necklaces are among the most luxurious and versatile accessories one can get. They make for timeless gifts for that special someone in your life. So, if you need to give your wife, girlfriend, mother, or sister a special gift, consider eternity diamond necklaces. 

With numerous unique styles, it’s not difficult to find the ideal eternity necklace to fit what she appreciates. More so, we’ve put together a guide to assist you in picking out the perfect eternity diamond necklace. Dive in!

Types of Diamond Necklaces

The diversity of styles available with diamond necklaces is immense. You can select a style that matches your liking or that of that special someone. In addition, there are styles so impressive and stunning that you can even select an outfit to fit such a diamond necklace. Below is a list of the different types of diamond necklaces you have as options.

  • Floating Diamond Necklace
  • Diamond Hamsa Necklace: 
  • Diamond butterfly necklace 
  • Colored Diamonds – Enchanting and Glamourous 
  • Canary Diamond necklaces 
  • Pink Diamond Necklace 
  • Blue Diamond Necklace 
  • Red Diamond Necklace
  • Diamond Cross Necklace
  • Tennis Necklace
  • Diamond Choker Necklace
  • Simple Diamond Necklace
  • Gold Diamond Necklace
  • Diamond Pendant Necklace
  • White Gold Diamond Necklace
  • Dancing Diamond Necklace
  • Orange Diamond Necklace 
  • Green Diamond Necklace 
  • Brown Diamond Necklaces 
  • Black Diamond Necklace 
  • Diamond Solitaire Necklace
  • Diamond Initial Necklace 
  • Rose Gold Diamond Necklaces 
  • Chocolate Diamond Necklace 
  • Diamond Bridal Necklace
  • Men’s Diamond Necklace
  • Eternity Diamond Necklace

Shopping for Eternity Diamond Necklaces: Factors to Consider

The first and most important factor to consider when shopping for an eternity diamond necklace for someone special is the style and fashion of the recipient. Also, you can choose to buy the necklace online or from a local jewelry store. That choice depends on your personal preference. 

With local jewelry stores, you can also build a customized eternity necklace based on your requirement. Do you want an eternity diamond necklace for someone whose style is tough to discern? Then, the safe option would be to look at the social profiles. From there, you get an idea about their personality. You also get an idea of what eternity necklace best suits their style. 

Additionally, one other crucial factor is the age of the wearer. The kind of eternity necklace that appeals to your mother may not necessarily be what your wife likes. Older women like eternity diamond necklaces that are beautiful and intricate. On the flip side, middle-aged women would prefer to go for modernistic designs such as motifs and asymmetrical patterns. 

Meanwhile, younger recipients choose quirky styles mostly as they are fun and trendy. Overall, make sure to study your recipients carefully before gifting them an eternity diamond necklace.

What are the Best Eternity Necklace Settings?

With several styles out there, one more critical aspect of eternity necklaces is the right setting. Getting it right with the setting makes all the difference in the appearance of the necklace. Here, we will have a look at different types of settings best for eternity diamond necklaces.

Prong Setting 

The prong setting is also known as the “Claw Setting” is a common setting used to mount diamonds or gemstones in jewelry pieces. With this setting, the culet of the diamond sits in a metal cast featuring two or more prongs. 

These PRONGS are tiny metal claws that lean on the crown of the diamond and hold it firmly in place. Sometimes, the shape of the prong can be pointed, rounded, or elongated. Note that prongs should never be too tight or loose. Such conditions can result in the diamond falling off. When prongs are too long, they cover the top surface of the diamonds. That makes them look small. When they are too short, they may clasp diamonds at the girdle and make them fall.

Bezel Setting

The bezel setting improves the refinement of the diamond necklace. When you use this setting, the metal rim extends narrowly above the girdle of the diamonds. More so, the rim fully encapsulates the diamond or spreads around only a fraction of it. With this setting, you keep your diamonds more protected and lasting. A bezel clasps a diamond securely and protects the diamond from chips, inclusions, or blemishes.

Channel Setting

An eternity necklace that features a channel setting has diamonds of the same sizes fitted side by side into a metal channel. Here is a setting that gives prominence to the diamonds such that the base metal doesn’t impede their loveliness. This type of setting is not a new presence. Its existence dates back to the 1980s. 

The channel setting is ideal for small diamonds. Additionally, channel setting imparts protection to the eternity necklace. This is as the diamonds get confined in between two metal walls. With that, you have a setting that hinders the edges of the diamonds from getting chipped and from any hard impacts.

Cluster setting 

An eternity necklace in a cluster setting features bunches of diamonds clustered together on the mount. Typically, cluster setting necklace accentuates a group of small diamonds set together in way that creates an illusion of a big solitaire! 

Therefore, rather than opting for a solitaire pendant (which can also be costly), you can opt for an eternity necklace with a cluster setting.

Pave Setting 

The pave setting involves mounting small round-shaped diamonds in a necklace or other jewelry. This kind of setting is also called the Mille Grain Setting. Nevertheless, the word Pave comes from the French word – Pa Vay, meaning pavement! 

Therefore, just as stones get paved on roads, diamonds also get paved tightly on the surface of the necklace. With little to no space between each diamond, this setting generates an incredible glow of diamonds on the surface of the eternity necklace.

Invisible Setting

This type of setting of diamonds emerged 200 years ago in France. Moreover, we believe it set the pace of jewelry design on a new path. Why this setting is different from the rest of the pack is that here the diamonds on the necklaces get clasped aloft without metal being noticeable around them. With the invisible setting, you get to enrich the overall sparkle of stones. Plus, it makes the stones appear as if they are floating above the jewelry.

Besides, the invisible setting in any diamond necklace is very much in trend. Do you wish to keep up with the trend? Then, an eternity diamond necklace set in an invisible setting would be the perfect option. Try using square-shaped diamonds in the setting as that will give your style that wow factor.

What are the Affordable Alternatives to the Costlier Real Diamond Eternity Necklace?

Do you prefer to buy an eternity diamond necklace but are skeptical of the price? It is time to consider lab-created eternity diamond necklaces. Here, you have the option to retain the base metal of these necklaces in gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, or platinum. It all depends on your budget and requirements. 

Meanwhile, you can check online jewel stores for the collection. You will find out that some online stores offer free trials at home. You can make the most of the offer and try the necklace before buying it.

How do you Care for your Diamond Eternity Necklace?

Diamonds are the toughest substance on the earth. Still, this substance can get damaged. When you do not care for your eternity necklace properly, it might get chipped or damaged. Such damage can see them lose all their charm.

In this section, we discuss some useful and practical tips you can follow to keep your eternity necklaces glowing always.

  • Avoid keeping your diamond jewelry together with other accessories. Doing this can see them run against each other and cause chipping and scratches 
  • Always be sure to keep your diamond necklace in a fabric-lined jewel box
  • Store your diamond jewelry away from harsh chemicals, sunscreens, perfumes, or hairspray. Every chemical you find in these solutions can erode the diamond surface. That dulls out the metal surface and hampers its glow.
  • Regularly clean your eternity necklace. That helps conserve its luster and grandness. Consider scouring your diamonds with a commercial jewelry cleaner. With this, you get a mixture of ammonia and water or a mild detergent. For proper cleaning, dip it in the solution and dislodge the dirt using a soft-bristle brush. Once you clean the necklace, rub the jewelry with a soft cloth and pat dry.
  • Desist from wearing your eternity diamond necklace in swimming pools or hot tubs. Note that the chlorine in the water can tarnish the diamonds 
  • Pay attention to the loose prongs and other settings. That way, you can get it repaired by your jeweler. Avoid wearing a necklace without getting it repaired as the loose setting can dislodge the diamonds. When such happens, you may lose your precious diamonds 
  • If you wish to keep your diamond necklace safe, consider getting it insured 

Buying an Eternity Diamond Necklace Online: Quick Tips to Get the Best

In our present time where everyone is busy executing their duties at the office or home, online shopping is the reprieve. Here is a new way for us to buy everything with a click of a button. Whether you need clothes, groceries, smartphones, air tickets, books, etc., you can get them online.

However, when it comes to shopping for something as precious and expensive as an eternity necklace, people tend to hesitate and consider buying it from a physical store. Though, shopping for diamond jewelry online can be much more economical than buying from a local jeweler. All you need is to be aware of a few things before you lay your hands on the ideal eternity diamond necklace you always hoped to have. 

Below are a few tips to follow when shopping for an eternity diamond necklace online:

Shop with Trustworthy Online Jewelers

It is basic precautions to consider buying an eternity diamond necklace or any other diamond jewelry from a reputable jeweler. It all begins with conducting an online search for credible jewelers online. Be sure their website is real. Go through the online reviews as much as you can. Also, check the ratings given by the users. Also, it would be best if you asked for a copy of documentation of a diamond necklace online before paying for it. It would be best to have a reputable online jeweler like Diamonds By Raymond Lee. 

Fix a Reasonable Budget 

It would always be helpful to examine your finances well and set aside a budget before buying that eternity necklace. Check out different eternity necklaces online with a budget in your mind. What the price of your preferred necklace is may vary depending on what style you choose. The design, and base metal also affect the cost. 

Meanwhile, always check the order’s final price before paying for it. Some jewelers may add shipment costs or taxes to that final price. 

Choose a Preferred Necklace Style

It would be best if you choose what’s best for you. Ensure you go for an eternity diamond necklace that suits your preferences and personality.

One other important thing about eternity necklaces that we emphasize over and over again is that eternity diamond necklaces are eternal. 

Conclusively, are you looking to buy an eternity diamond necklace to express your lifelong commitment to your beloved? Or, are you only getting one for self-indulgence? Whatever the reason is, shopping for a perfect necklace starts with proper research and decision making. 

In all, when you stick to these tips, you are on course to discovering that perfect eternity diamond necklace that matches your style.

Conclusion: We Sell the Best

At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we sell only the most beautiful eternity necklaces. Our eternity diamond necklaces embody timeless style. Crafted specially by experts in silver and gold, we have eternity necklaces featuring dazzling diamonds and rich gemstones. With that flexible single-line design of our eternity necklaces, you get an all-rounder. They are adorable on their own and also excellent for layering.

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