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Spotlight on: Erickson Beamon

A favorite of celebrity style icons including Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Sienna Miller, as well as two wildly different and yet equally chic Ladies: Gaga and Michelle Obama, Erickson Beamon is an entirely unique jewelry line that subscribes to an unusual conceit: more is more. That Detroit natives and co-collaborators Karen and Eric Erickson and Vicki Beamon founded the company in a famous era and environment of excess–the mid-80s in London–is no surprise. Since that time, the brand has experienced exponential growth across the globe to the delight of devotees who clamor for each imaginative piece.

From Chandelier to Eternity Lauded as the creator of the first chandelier earring, Erickson Beamon celebrates spontaneity and whimsicality without sacrificing technical artistry. Each piece is expertly handcrafted in one of the brand’s Manhattan, West Chelsea, or Belgravia, London design studios using anything and everything from crystals and semi-precious stones to pearls, beads, mirrors and chains. Erickson Beamon is known for pushing the boundaries of creativity while remaining committed to the beautiful, which is why the line is a favorite of both elegant and edgy fashion houses, from Galliano to Givenchy. Celebrants of all things bling, baubles, and bangles, Erickson Beamon Jewelry is not known for demonstrating restraint. But who needs moderation when extravagance leads to such magnificence?

Wearable Art In fact, the work of Erickson Beamon has achieved such meteoric success that it is now permanently housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan, and has also been a featured exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum in the city of its birth.

To Infinity and Beyond In recent years, the house has added eyewear to its offerings, as well as a capsule collection for Target, that debuted to mass acclaim in 2009. Next up for Erickson Beamon? Plans are underway to launch a comprehensive global brand including handbags, shoes, and home accessories. In other words: world domination.

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