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Auction Action: Pre Owned Jewelry & Watch Sales


This week Christie’s features one and only one fine jewelry sale ‘Jewellery’ Sale no. 8967 at the London, South Kensington location on June 19th (although we’re currently stalking the Vintage Couture handbags and accessories sale for pre owned luxury handbags along with our sister company.) Luckily, a Christie’s sale never disappoints, and even just one sale satisfies our bling cravings from this auction house.


If things are light at Christie’s, Bonham’s has you covered! With three jewelry and watch sales this week (not even counting the antique silver and gold box sale, which looks promising for those of you hunting new places to store your trinkets) Bonham’s provides ample opportunity to score a watch or piece of jewelry. First up is Fine watches and wristwatches, starting tomorrow in New York.

On Wednesday, not one but two separate fabulous jewelry sales begin in New York. The first is “Fine Jewelry” and it includes plenty of diamonds. The marquise ring in lot 166 is a dead ringer for one of ours, there are lots of Buccellati pieces and more sapphires than you can shake a stick at. Given our fancy yellow kick of late, our favorite lot is, of course, the first one listed, but check out our other favorites too:


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