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Notable Disney Engagement and Ideas

Notable Disney Engagement and Ideas

Disney theme parks are some of the most magical places on the face of the earth. While many people visit Disney when they’re young, it’s often common not to go back until you have children of your own.

Some people had other things in mind while planning some of the most notable Disney engagements ever seen!

Ever seen or heard of the Disney Flashmob engagement? One of the most creative public-displays of engagement I’ve certainly ever seen…

On various forums throughout the internet, I’ve seen users post their Disney engagement stories, as well!

  • Rocco on the Disney Website says: “I proposed in front of Cinderella’s Castle in December of ’06 during Mickey’s Christmas Party as we were having our picture taken! We now have the photos of my wife absolutely shocked as I’m down on one knee! We ended up getting married exactly a year later @ Disney’s Boardwalk Resort!”
  • Randi on the Disney Website says: “My husband proposed in Mickey’s house. While I was getting pictures taken with Mickey and my two best friends, he knocked on the back door and the photographer (who was in on it) let him in and he proposed right there while I was standing with Mickey with the photographers taking tons of pictures. It was absolutely perfect!!!”
Check out this video of a Magical Disney Musical Marriage Proposal!


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