22191 Powerline Road #12b, Boca Raton, FL 33433

Raymond Lee Jewelers Pre-Owned Designer Jewelry

Raymond Lee Jewelers Pre-Owned Designer Jewelry

When you shop at Raymond Lee Jewelers, you will find only the best in fine jewelry and designer watches.

You will show up elegantly attired and on time when you choose the glamorous fine jewelry and fashion watches available at Raymond Lee Jewelers. This outstanding jewelry store carries a full line of elegant fashion watches and fine jewelry in keeping with the latest jewelry trends. With the store featuring a wide selection of quality designer fine jewelry and exquisite watches, you will find only the top of the market when you shop at Raymond Lee Jewelers. You can enjoy and explore the beautiful display of jewelry and watches available to meet all your fashion needs…

Choose jewelry and accessories that define your look and add excitement to your appearance.

A piece of jewelry sets the wearer apart by sparkling elegantly on the wearer and casting that special glow during a social or business occasion This is as true for watches as it is for other types of jewelry. The size, glow, and quality of a piece can be used to accessorize and complete the look the wearer is trying to achieve.

Jewelry and fashion accessories are increasing in demand and value.

Jewelry and all types of accessories are increasingly popular among individuals of both genders and of all ages. Often, the quality and design of an individual jewelry determines how dressy the individual is and sets the amount of glow they exude.

Locate a quality fashion watch that can both serve your time keeping needs and can also give your accessories a degree of elegance.

A quality watch serves the dual function of being the wearer’s time piece and depending upon its formality and design, can also contribute a large amount of shine and dazzle to the appearance of the wearer. Whether the watch is a gleaming new model or is a well-preserved antique, the watch of your dreams can be found at Raymond Lee Jewelers.

Quality metals and exquisite gemstones are used in all of our jewelry offerings to give them value and beauty.

Our stores always feature the highest quality metals and gemstones to ensure that you are outfitted with the most beautiful pieces possible. We encourage you to investigate the purchases to verify their value including using resources and following online fashion trends.In addition, we always recommend appraisals by certified and established jewelers to establish value to confirm what you have learned at the time of your purchase and also for insurance purposes to ensure that it is protected when you take it home.

Allow your fine accessories to make a fashion statement about you and your discerning tastes.

Make your individual fashion statement by choosing elegant trend setting watches and jewelry on sale at Raymond Lee Jewelers, located in South Florida, is the area’s most highly regarded jeweler. With its highly acclaimed Jewelry Sales and Service Center, it is the most trusted store in this market. In business since 1983, we feature “an extensive collection of designer jewelry, vintage jewelry, GIA certified diamonds and luxury timepieces.” In addition to sales, we also offer a complete watch repair service and make custom pieces for customers.


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