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Christie's Upcoming Amazing Blue Diamond Auction

Christie's Upcoming Amazing Blue Diamond Auction

Auctioneers claim that a rare gem stone and the largest blue diamond in the world is going to fetch as much as $25 million at the auction in Geneva at Christie’s world renowned global auction house. On display currently at Christie’s New York City, this unusual diamond is pear shaped and a cobalt color. It is over 13 carats. It is the most fancy, most luxurious and largest blue diamond on earth, and according to Christie’s it is almost unheard of to find a stone such as this one. It is bereft of any imperfections, both inside and out.

The seller, who is thought to have owned this gem for many years, is remaining anonymous as his magnificent gem goes to auction. He has supposedly decided to give up this breathtaking stone after seeing what other amazing diamonds have fetched at auctions in the recent past. At the “Magnificent Jewels” sale on May 14th in Geneva, the stone will be the main attraction, while the base price will be between $21 and $25 million. It is extremely rare to find a blue diamond, as they make up only 2 percent of the diamond production in the world. Most blue diamonds have been mined in South Africa, and this one is as well.

Last fall, the world’s largest orange diamond weighing almost 15 carats had a base price of between $17 and $20 million. It sold for over $35 million, which is almost double of its original base price, according to media reports. A day after the sale of the largest orange diamond, Sotheby’s auctioned off the world’s largest pink diamond, also known as the Pink Star, $23 million over asking price at $83 million, although the auction house gained possession of the Pink Star once again as the buyer defaulted on the payments. Experts are implying that if indications of these previous precious and rare diamonds sales are anything to go by, this blue diamond could fetch much more than its $21 to $25 million initial auction price tag.

With a combined value at an estimated $80 million, the “Magnificent Jewels” auction will offer up over 250 pieces, all being both luxurious and extremely valuable. Other notable pieces include a 5.5 carat blue green diamond called “The Ocean Dream” that might be worth over $9 million. It is the largest stone of its kind, according to Christie’s, because of its color, hue, origin and size. Also available to bidders will be an estimated $15.5 million flawless and colorless diamond that is almost 76 carats, and a pink diamond necklace that is over 76 carats, valued at around $10 million. The Rajah diamond will also be available for bidding and is expected to bring in between $3 and $5 million. It is an old-mine brilliant cut diamond.

Sotheby’s will also be holding its Magnificent Jewels sale on the 13th of May, which will include one of the largest yellow diamonds in the world. The daffodil colored Graff vivid Yellow diamond weights over 100 carats and is valued at an unbelievable $25 million. Also included in their auction will be the Victory Diamond, a 31 carat colorless stone named in honor for the Allied victory in WWI. Expected to fetch $8 million, it was previously owned by Florence Gould, the famous jewelry collector.


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