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Take a Look at The Chopard So Happy Collection

Take a Look at The Chopard So Happy Collection

Chopard is popular for countless reasons in the luxury jewelry circuit, but one is for their notorious floating diamond jewelry. While the brand has been re-imagining floating diamond jewelry for decades, they’ve recently re-released the concept through the So Happy Collection.

“By setting “floating” diamonds directly into the crown of colored gemstones, Chopard offers a vibrant new approach to this classic style. With a veritable rainbow of gemstone colors available, these designs are striking and playful – a perfect fashion accessory! “

Chopard offers this collection with heart-shaped or round gemstone cuts, as well as an array of pave diamond variations.

The rings and pendants are gorgeous—and the watches are trendy and exquisite.

The collection features the signature floating diamonds in an array of settings: watches, sport watches, Disney-inspired necklace pendants and set amongst gorgeous colored gemstones. Dig further into the Chopard So Happy Collection through Raymond Lee Jewelers or Chopard directly.


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