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Celebrity Watch Ambassadors

Celebrity Watch Ambassadors

The Apple Watch is now available to the masses. However, before now all you had to do was look to Instagram to see which celebrities snagged one early and what designs they chose. Beyonce chose pure gold to set off her skin and accent her striking headdress, as only Beyonce can do so beautifully. Chanel and Fendi designer Karl Lagerfeld owns the gold version as well. Pharell Williams’s wrist is adorned with the Mickey Mouse time feature, as is Katy Perry’s.

Drake’s watchband is perfectly color coordinated with the casual wear he wore to Coachella Music Festival, while Vogue’s Anna Wintour accented her neutral ensemble with a white banded version. Celebrity endorsements or personal preferences? We may never know.

On the other hand, several celebrities have provided their persona to jewelry endorsement, primarily watches. Watchmakers choose their ambassadors carefully. They want the persona to reflect their designs.

Swiss watchmaker Breitling chose to feature John Travolta. Travolta’s refined style aligns with Breitling’s image. The fact that he is a trained pilot adds to the professional, yet adventurous, spirit Breitling represents. Travolta has been with them for over ten years and is seen in the newest ad campaign seared near the historic North American X-15, which set new records for altitude and speed at Edwards Air Force Base in 1963.

 “Scandal” actress Kerry Washington is an ambassador for Movado. Both the actress and her series character, Olivia Pope, are seen wearing Movado watches (in various finishes, no less). Washington and Pope have a few things in common. Both radiate graceful beauty and are meticulously hard-working. Washington has spoken worked with Movado for nine years and celebrates that fact. Washington states, “It’s always been classy and elegant and beautiful but also modern. Olivia Pope has only one watch and that watch is Movado.”

Actor Simon Baker graces the back cover of Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” issue. He wears a Logines watch design while reaching towards an elegant horse. The slogan reads “Elegance is an Attitude,” and features the Australian-born actor’s signature. Baker is best known for his lead role as Patrick Jane in the series, “The Mentalist.”

Cameron Diaz represents Tag Heuer, specifically “Link Ladies” designs. The “Link Lady Full Diamond Bezel,” is cited as her favorite. The design combines stainless steel and diamonds. The blend coincides with Diaz, who exudes carefree determination and delivers it with non-nonsense confidence and strong elegance.

Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn is ambassador for Rolex and their “Oyster Perpetual Datejust” design. Vonn unveiled the women’s version of the classic design during Fashion Week. After suffering injuries and undergoing two knee surgeries, Vonn has been working hard to return to competition. Not only is she an amazing skier, but she is also an NBC correspondent and a model. In fact, she appears with Gretchen Bundchen for the Under Armour active clothing line. With so much drive, Vonn embodies the sophisticated strength Rolex is known for.

Regarding watches, one thing is for sure. Watches have come back en vogue. More and more people are looking at their wrists to see what time it is, rather than fishing for their phones in pockets and purses. When you choose a watch, consider the same principle watchmakers use when looking for ambassadors. Find a design which speaks to you and best illustrates your persona.


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