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Can Amish People Wear Watches?

Can Amish People Wear Watches?

For many, the thought of amish brings up images of people living without electricity and driving horse drawn carriages instead of cars. While this is true, many people do not think of them as looking for a regular jewelry store. The thing that amish people are interested in when it comes to jewelry stores though is horology, the study of watches and time.

How Can Amish People Wear Watches?

There are many types of watches. While obviously digital watches and even quartz would be against their beliefs, they can still use mechanical watches. The interesting thing about this is that there is even a watch shop in the middle of Amish country in Pennsylvania.

New Kobold Location

Kobold has long been known for their practice of opening locations in places that seem weird. They have done the same thing by opening a location at Merry Oaks Farm in Volant, Pennsylvania. This watch maker, who has been producing watches since 1998 has made models for Navy SEALs and many influential buyers, such as former president Bill Clinton and James Gandalfini.

The new location for the watch shop at Merry Oaks Farms is interesting because all the parts for the watch are made on site, meaning that nothing here is imported. Since they do not outsource their work, this helps to stimulate the economy in this small town in Pennsylvania.

Another interesting thing about this location is that not only watches are made here. Merry Oaks Farms is known for manufacturing a number of other items, such as knives and other tools for expeditions.

 Why This is Big News

Many people just see this as a high end watch maker opening another store, but really this is a company that is opening its market to people that others tend to forget about. Even the amish need to keep track of the time. By opening a location where they not only can buy but also have the pride of aiding in the manufacturing of the watches helps to give them a better incentive to buy. With this, these high quality watches fit their needs, which requires them to live without electricity and technology. Even if you do not understand why the amish live like they do, you can at least appreciate a company that caters to their needs by offering high quality watches that they can use.

There are many out there who do not even know that there are still batteries being made that do not use electricity. What is more is that many do not believe that this can be found in a high quality watch. This is just what watch maker Mike Kobold has been offering for years. What is interesting is that this is not the only brand of watch that offers this. If you are in the market for a new watch, take the time to look at the different brands out there and what they have to offer. You may find that you can get a much better watch than you had originally thought of.


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