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Highlight: Bulgari Jewelry

Highlight: Bulgari Jewelry

Acquired by LVMH in October, 2011, Bulgari started as a Greek firm. Adapted later as an Italian manufacturer and distributor of luxury goods and jewelry, Bulgari is known today for it’s contributions to the jewelry world, watches, handbags fragrances, accessories and hotels.

Bulgari, or sometimes written as Bvlgari, was founded by Greek jeweler Sotirios Voulgaris in 1877. The jeweler moved to Italy and eventually opened a flagship store for the company in 1905. By 1966, the founder’s grandson was running the show. With the help of his cousin, Marina, grandson Gianni helped establish a worldwide presence for Bulgari by opening shops in New York, Geneva, Monte Carlo and Paris.

Today, Bulgari is a household name associated with luxury. The company has seen 150% revenue growth between 1997 and 2003.

Bulgari jewelry designers traditionally use the best quality golds, diamonds, and gemstones available to them.

This amazing Bulgari Two-Tone Gold and Ruby Ring truly encompasses the beauty created by this fine luxurious jewelry company. The 18k yellow gold, a touch of stainless steel and a gorgeous ruby accent are brought together to create a lovely statement.

These great Bvlgari B.Zero1 Large earrings in 18k white gold are tremendous. While they’re simple, you can note the attention to detail in the design and large size. I’d love to have these in my collection!

This Bulgari 18k White & Yellow Gold Open Band ring is amazing, as well! The attention to detail with the geometrical design is stunningly gorgeous!

In all of the examples given you’ll notice the attention to detail in the design patterns and the varying tastes and styles that Bulgari caters to. This is one exceptional luxury jeweler catering to a wide demographic.


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