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James Bond's Breitling Top Time Sold for $160k

James Bond's Breitling Top Time Sold for $160k

Diamonds may be a girl’s best girl, but James Bond was every woman’s dream.

In the 1960’s women went wild over the infamous James Bond. He was the British actor, with charm a great accent and a body to match. Luckily, for James Bond fans, there was more than one James Bond on the screen. Bond wore a lot of unique jewelry that actually turned out to be high tech spy devices. Today similar items are available, from select manufacturers.

One timepiece is worth more than $160 thousand dollars. That’s right; James Bond pieces are just as famous at the auctions, as they were when he was wearing them. The James Bond Breitling Top Time watch was worn by the sexy Sean Connery, in 1965, when he starred in the movie, “Thunderball.”

During the 2013 Pop Culture sale at Christie’s, the infamous Breitling watch was sold for $160,175. The sale was held on June 26, 2013.

The watch, first manufactured in 1962, was originally created for that particular movie. The watch was designed with a fictional sensor, called the “Geiger counter”, which in the movie would detect nuclear radiation. After the film wrapped, the watch was lost for years. The original watch was found at a garage sale, where it was purchased for $30.

James Bond is known for his exploding pens, two way walkie-talkie watches, and finger scanning lighters. Who would have believed that these James bond classics would be worth thousands today? Even though, Bond movies are old classics, they are still adored by millions of die hard fans. The gadgets he used, the devices he wore, even his style of clothes are a part of history.

James Bond definitely had a “Gold finger” when it came to loving the women, and taking down the bad guys. No one did it better than James Bond.


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