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Breitling M78365 Chronospace Limited Edition Black Steel Watch Review

Breitling M78365 Chronospace Limited Edition Black Steel Watch Review

breitling chronospace limited edition

We are doing a Breitling M78365 Chronospace Limited Edition Black Steel watch review. This limited edition Breitling black steel chronospace watch is one of only one thousand in the world ever made. The one we have here is number 407 from the one thousand. It is one of the most unique Breitling luxury timepieces available. This incredible limited edition piece features an incredible black steel case and matching black steel mesh bracelet. It is an iconic limited edition piece. Also, beyond the case and bracelet the dial is a green analog digital with a singular blue and yellow gold unidirectional rotating bezel. Further, the watch has quartz powered movements with the impeccable Breitling precision functionality. Also, the sapphire crystal contains the entire watch for amazing clarity and visibility. Overall it is an incredible watch. Not only as a luxury timepiece, Breitling is always an award winning and industry leading brand.

Also, as a limited edition piece, it is a very unique style. Particularly the mesh black steel bracelet. Instantly recognizable and reminiscent of the strongly masculine automotive sport industry this bracelet is an iconic piece of this limited edition series. This elite performance watch is sportive and young with a style unlike any other. It is for men who move quickly and take massive action. They are not deterred and maintain a strong hold on their objectives. It is a style for sportive and modern wear that combines well with casual or outing clothing. The black steel is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. It is one of the limited edition watches that will always strike a strong presence. Here we go ahead and review this Breitling limited edition black steel watch in detail. From the powerful precision functionality to the black steel bracelet and bezel we go into every aspect.

An in depth Bretiling M78365 Chronospace Limited Edition Black Steel Watch Review

breitling chronospace limited edition

First, the watch in its entirety. It is a stunning Breitling time piece. Similarly, to the Breitling traditional watches is features a large open face. Also, the wide circular dial has a strong and powerful bezel to go along with it. The watches from Breitling are powered by the rich history of aviation behind the brand. Including the chronograph features that started it all in the very beginning. This particular watch takes the chronograph feature to the next level with the Breitling unique Chronospace power functionality. This chronospace is a military grade invention pairing technology with powerful functionality. These high performance watches combine exceptional design with the capacity to withstand some of the most extreme of conditions in the world. The excellent grip and thermocompensated quartz ensure accuracy and precision at all costs. No matter the situation. For powerful flexibility just like that the men have that wear this piece.

Further, the chronometer certified movements ensure absolute quality. The luxury watch manufacturer supplies the aviation industry. Also, it crafts unique pieces for men who might not be flying planes but who expect exact precision in all that they do. It is a reliably impeccable watch with the incredible features of a military grade power tool. Furthermore, style is never compromised for functionality. Performance is accurate and consistent with minimal considerations. On this note, the Breitling chronospace watch is water resistant for up to 50 meters depth. Continually marking and splitting time this is the watch for men who move fast. Further, this chronospace has digital day and date display. This display is programmed for 4 years. It means only every 4 years will need to adjust this function. Also, there is an alarm and a second time zone function. This second time zone also comes with its very own alarm.

Reviewing the Breitling limited edition chronospace black steel green digital analog dial

Another, incredible aspect of this chronospace limited edition luxury watch is the dial. This amazing dial has several unique features. First, there is the chronograph feature wrapped around the outer edge of the dial. Then, you have the luminescent hour markers. For clarity and ease when reading time the hour markers are circular shapes. That is except for the three and nine o’clock. Also, the twelve and six o’clock are a triangle and rectangle shape respectively. At the center of the dial is the classic iconic Breitling B with wings logo. At the top of the logo is the first digital screen. This LCD digital display has display backlighting for ease of use. Then, below the central logo is another LCD analog display screen with the same backlighting feature. This one has a countdown timer functionality with a maximum of 99 days, 23 hours 59 minutes, and 59.99 seconds.

breitling chronospace limited edition

It also has split times. Further, the analog 12/24 hour screens at the top and bottom of the dial are where you can set the alarms. The UTC world time is what powers the amazing two time zone functionality. A truly unique feature of the dial is its marine green color. While the entire watch is a dark sleek black steel the dial is a contrasting green. Although, it is colorful giving the watch a unique look it is not a bright open color. It continues to be an almost camouflage muted color tone. It offers a contrast to the luminescent numbers and hour and minute hands. The seconds hand has the unique Breitling B logo at the end. Also, the opposite tip of the seconds hand is a bright red. This assists with visibility and precision when it comes to reading the time or calculating with the chronograph.

The limited edition Breitling chronospace watch case and bezel

Screwed in for sturdy durability. Also including a sound signal resonance chamber. It is the caseback of the limited edition Breitling chronospace case back. This incredible watch has a particularly rough and tough ready for any environment and extreme setting it is put into. Further, this is a watch that is made to withstand conditions. It is created for impeccable precision and durability. Also, it has a 2 to 3 year battery life built in. So it will never leave you in a moment of dire need. It is made to be more than a tool of the trade. It is much more than a luxury timepiece accessory. What this watch is, is an incredible partner for you. Beyond the amazingly stunning style that carries a strongly masculine personality it has power. It has power unlike any other standard chrono watch. It packs a punch in with the amazing design.

breitling chronospace limited edition

Reviewing the chronospace bezel

The case is also a unique black coated steel. It has an incredible water resistance depth of 5 bars. Also, it has a non screw locked, two gasket crown. Further, this crown also includes an integrated push piece. Next, is the bezel. This amazing also coated black steel bezel surrounds and holds down to the case. This bezel is an impressive unidirectional blue and yellow gold rotating bezel. For additional functionality, this bezel can be used to calculate and to count down. It is an impeccable grip piece with grooves all along the sides. Another feature to look at is the watch’s crystal. To top it all of this case is sealed off in a cambered sapphire glare proofed crystal. Further, the crystal has been glare proofed on both sides. This attention to detail and stunning craftsmanship is what makes this watch a true limited edition piece for a lifetime.

The limited edition black Breitling chronospace steel mesh strap

Finally this is a main part of this incredible limited edition Breitling. This piece is a truly unique shape but the strap is what genuinely sets is apart amongst all of the others. The bracelet on this watch is an amazing mesh black steel strap. It is resistant and durable with a unique texture. Also, the thick interwoven material is tough and strong. It can withstand extreme pressure. Even in the most extreme of conditions, it can last. It is durable. The woven feature of the strap is comfortable on your wrist. Also, it wraps around comfortably with a nice breathable feature. The texture is also sportive. Further, this adds to the sportive look of the watch. The strap is limited edition. There are no other Breitling watches with this type of mesh black steel strap. The unique feature on the strap is reminiscent of tires. Automotive racing inspired it.

breitling chronospace limited edition

This Swiss made watch is made for generations. It will last for decades and decades. Along with the strap. It is not one that requires maintenance. Also, it is not one with intricate care. This strap is straightforward and easy. It is young and sportive with functionality in first place. The black on black monochrome feature it particularly easy t style and dress. Overall, this strap is an instantly recognizable feature of this limited edition chronospace Breitling luxury timepiece. The strap is a glossy finish. While it glints in the direct light it is not too shiny. In no way does it distract from the watch’s subdued muted tone. It simply adds some flare to the piece. The strap is not replaceable with a different style. This watch is intended to pair with this specific style of modern and sportive black steel strap. It is an impeccable and strong strap.

The Breitling chronospace limited edition watch with mesh strap deployment fold over clasp

Another incredibly unique feature of this watch is the black steel mesh strap’s deployment fold over clasp. It is a simple and easy to use fastening. Further, it adds to the sportive and young style of this watch. Unlike the more traditional watches that tend to be paired with leather bracelets that close with buckle clasps, this one has a deployment fold over clasp. What does this mean? It means ease of use and durability. This technology and precision is powerful. It must move quickly. Like the men who wear it. Therefore, the deployment fold over clasp closes on easily and opens up quickly. There is nothing holding back a man with a Breitling limited edition. When the clasp is closed it is a uniform look. Overall it blends perfectly with the mesh strap. It holds tight even in the most extreme of conditions. The fold over clasp is unrivaled.

Bretiling M78365 Chronospace Limited Edition Black Steel Watch

Where can you buy the Breitling Chronospace Limited Edition Black Steel Watch?

It is not just anywhere that you can find a unique and stunning piece like this Breitling chronospace limited edition black steel watch. Even when you do locate one of the only 1,000 ever to be produced in the world it may not be up to your quality standards. That is why we at Diamonds by Raymond Lee have been specializing for the past three decades on curating and testing a wide ranging selection of unique and limited edition luxury watches for men. Unrivaled in South Florida we offer the most comprehensive collection of timepieces and jewels around. Each and every piece that makes it into one of our conveniently located and expertly decorated shops has been tested. We have developed singular systems where our master jewellers and diamond and gemstone experts review each item. As we continue to carry on our legacy we aim to offer superior service.

We at Raymond Lee Jewelers know a thing or two about watches, having been serving the South Florida community for the past 30 years. Our commitment is to service and quality and we, therefore, hope to continue serving all of our clients over the next 30 years. We would love to meet you in person at one of our conveniently located and expertly designed showrooms to show you some of our collection. The Breitling chronospace limited edition watch is in Boca Raton. If you are interested in owning the Breitling limited edition watch visit us or make your purchase online today. It is not a watch that will be around for long. They only ever made 1,000 of these time pieces. Each one is unique and generally part of a limited edition luxury watch collection. Also, it is sportive and young. This is a unique luxury time piece.Bretiling M78365 Chronospace Limited Edition Black Steel Watch

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