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Wedding Wednesday: Our Favorite Boutonnières

Wedding Wednesday: Our Favorite Boutonnières

Is there any aspect of wedding planning more overlooked than Boutonnières? Possibly the gents’ flowers would get more attention if their name wasn’t so hard to spell. But all spell-checking aside, we love the dash of personality a great bout can add to a guy’s wedding day suit or tux. Boutonnières are the perfect way to incorporate your wedding’s theme into your guy’s look – he can choose one that’s elegant, whimsical, modern, or elaborate. Whether you’re handing this job off to your wedding florist or you’ll be whipping up DIY Boutonnières, here are a few of our favorites.

These boutonnieres from a Saratoga Springs wedding are the perfect mix of classic (the red carnation) and graphic (the patterned ribbons). They’re both modern and elegant at once!

This groom’s boutonniere featured several nods to Alaska – the state flower and feathers from the state bird. We love how it’s so exotic looking, but extremely sentimental.

Boutonnieres are the perfect way to add a little DIY to your wedding, and these peacock DIY boutonnieres are gorgeous, inexpensive, and glamorous – the wedding trifecta.

This rustic boutonniere exudes a cool shabby chic vibe. Its funky vintage style is easy to recreate, making it another great DIY boutonniere option.


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