A Wedding Tradition: The Bouquet Toss

If you are a person who enjoys following tradition then don’t forget about the bouquet toss at your wedding. This is a fun tradition that all of those unmarried ladies have a lot of fun with. Even young girls get involved in this at weddings, which is especially exciting for them.

The wedding bouquet toss dates back to the 14th century. At that time, in the country of France, the family and friends of the bride and groom would all gather around the bride and rip off a piece of her dress. The person who was able to be successful in doing this would be the next girl to get married. Tradition changed a little bit soon after this and instead of ripping off the bride’s dress, which sounds somewhat brutal, bride’s decided to throw their garters instead. After all, who wants their dress all torn to shreds? Years later another change was to take place with the bride throwing her wedding bouquet instead after exchanging wedding rings.

Many bride’s enjoy this tradition still today. Since most bride’s treasure their beautiful wedding bouquet though they will often have a smaller, just as pretty bouquet made up to toss instead, so that they can keep their own.


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