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Bold Looks of New York Fashion Week 2012

Bold Looks of New York Fashion Week 2012

Fashion is always evolving. Celebrities and public figures sport the trends in order to qualify certain looks that might have been slightly too edgy or bold on the runway—until we see it repeatedly and know it’s really happening. Certain prints, looks, and styles that I, for one, said I’d never wear have made their way into my closet…sometimes against my will but because all of my favorite stores and designers hopped on the bandwagon.

These are my picks for the edgiest looks from New York Fashion Week, September 2012.

Leather is always at the top of my list for “Edgy” fashion, as it’s versatility only goes so far as in the nightclub or out of a scene from 50 Shades of Gray. I love the way it looks—the body-hugging shine and clean, tightly wrapped, bold fashion ability. Some designers never fail in bringing awesome leather looks to the runway.

The youngest kid in the Kardashian Clan, Kylie Jenner, sported this Rock-Chic look from Avril Lavigne’s Abbey Dawn collection on the catwalk.

Leather dresses gained popularity during Fashion week this year, too, as it was one of the most prominent use of the hide—aside from handbags and shoes, of course.

Animal Prints, spending another few seasons in the spotlight, are always an edgy look: you never know what a designer will do next! While handbags made of Crocodile hide and Soft Leather will never fall out of style, it’s always interesting to see re-adaptations of something we know and love.

Lastly, I’m continuously intrigued to see which designers are coming out with the newest Princess-Leah-Chic designs…Merging cult-classics Star wars fashion and French Baroque Era Fashion into some silly hybrid.


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