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Estate Birthstone Jewelry is Gorgeous Year Round

Estate Birthstone Jewelry is Gorgeous Year Round

January Birthstone

If you want to sell jewelry in Boca Raton, it pays to get creative. Florida is considered by many to be a tropical paradise, which means that tourists especially are attracted to tropically inspired jewelry. That, however, does not mean that you cannot sell other fantastic jewelry items, such as birthstones. The key is to sell the customer on how wonderful the product is. Share the unique and interesting things about products that might seem mundane in a tropical paradise. Take, for instance, these interesting thoughts on the types of personality traits associated with the birthstones.

January Garnet

Yellow Gold Garnet Ring

The beautiful garnet is seen in several different colors, but in terms of a birthstone, it is most often thought of as red. As such, it is also often mistakenly called a ruby. Those that wear their ruby are said to be protected as they travel. Rubies also supposedly have the power to calm anxiety. The January birthstone is symbolic of faith, hope, and constancy.

Those that have a garnet birthstone are said to be stubborn, ambitious, and serious. It is also said that they like to criticize. But before you go thinking a January baby is unlovable, those that own the garnet birthstone also know how to make others happy, they are loyal, and love children.

February Amethyst

White Gold Diamond Amethyst Ring

The beautiful amethyst is a stone fit for royalty, which is why there was a point in history when only royalty was allowed to garner an amethyst. The stone is said to not only strengthen relationships, but also to bring both courage and peace to those that wear them. It also signifies great strength of personal character.

Those born with an amethyst birthstone tend to have abstract thoughts, however they also love reality and can be incredibly intelligent as well as clever. If you recognize someone wearing an amethyst birthstone, be sure to expect a changing personality. Perhaps it comes along with the abstract thinking. Yet, also be aware that February babies excel at achieving their dreams.

March Aquamarine

You are viewing this Yellow Gold Diamond and Aquamarine Ring!

This gorgeous aqua blue birthstone reportedly brings happiness to those that wear it. It symbolizes youthfulness, love, and hope. It is quite easy to see why those born in March love to show off their birthstones.

Those that can claim the aquamarine birthstone as their own are incredibly affectionate, but they can also be shy and reserved. They can be easily angered and sometimes revengeful, but very trustworthy. Overall, though, these individuals prefer peace.

April Diamond

Cartier panther ring

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or so the saying goes, but it might just be the best friend of anyone born in April as well, including men. Everyone knows it is a symbol of lasting love and the faithfulness that comes with everlasting affection, but it is also a stone that brings courage to those that wear it.

Those that claim the diamond as their own birthstone are adventurous and love attention. They are excellent at consoling others and are helpful in solving the problems of others. But, look out, because they are hasty, fearless, and aggressive.

May Emerald

Yellow Gold Emerald Ring

Cleopatra’s favorite gem, the emerald, is unlike any other with its rich green coloring. Stones this stone symbolize are those a queen might most desire: fertility, rebirth, and love. Wearing one reportedly brings wisdom and patience. Desired royal qualities indeed.

Having the emerald as your birthstone might mean that you are stubborn and strong-willed, yet highly motivated. You enjoy things like the arts and literature and you easily become restless. But, you are hardworking and love to dream.

June Pearl

Pearl Pendant

Not requiring any polishing or shaping to make ready for jewelry, the pearl is considered to be the only naturally beautiful birthstone. It is a symbol of purity and it is often associated with regality.

If you are born in the month of June or know someone with a pearl birthstone, you can expect a personality type that is easily influenced by kindness, has clear vision of how to plan ahead, picky about wanting to choose the best choice, and sensitive.

July Ruby

14k Rose Gold Diamond and Ruby Drop Earrings

The deep red ruby used to be the only stone considered to symbolize love of another. Those wearing a ruby are supposed to have great wisdom and strong characters. Once described as the kind of gems, the ruby symbolizes both health and wealth.

Claiming the ruby as your birthstone usually means that you are likely honest, amiable, and tactful. You think a lot about the feelings of others, but yours have the potential to be easily hurt. However, you forgive easily; you just do not forget.

August Peridot

White Gold Diamond Peridot Ring

The peridot’s unusual shade of light green makes it the perfect summertime birthstone. They are believed to have magical healing power that heal those wearing it. Those wearing the peridot are also said to have influential powers and able to avoid depression.

People born within the peridot birthstone month are fearless and brave. They know how to comfort others and are extremely caring individuals, but stay out of their way when they get mad! These folks really get angry when provoked.

September Sapphire

pink sapphire diamond ring

The mystical sapphire is thought to have protective power over your family and bring wisdom to the one wearing the birthstone. It also symbolizes faith, dignity, loyalty, and purity. Sapphires can be found in colors that range from light blue to a blue color with a violet hue, however the deep, vibrant blue hue is the most popular color.

The sapphire stone may be symbolic of purity, but those born in the month of September have a few vices. They can be secretive, but confident. They also like to criticize and can be quite stubborn. In addition, their loyalty may not come with honesty. Yet, for all their vices, they are also extremely loveable. They are caring and fun to be around.

October Opal

Opal Pendant

The highly unique opal can come in a varied range of coloring, from white to black and also displaying red, orange, yellow, blue, and green. It is thought that wearing the opal can protect against bad eyesight and against other kinds of harm. Wearers of the opal are supposed to possess both faithfulness and confidence.

As you might notice, that confidence comes with a sense of amiability. People born in this month enjoy chatting and make friends easily. They admire justice and always try to be fair, however they can become easily jealous. Nonetheless, friends are treated with respect and as if they are valued, as they are.

November  Citrine

Diamond and Citrine Ring

Although topaz can range in coloring from orange to yellow and even come in pink or blue, it is the yellow topaz associated with November’s birthstone. Wearing the gem is supposed to bring strength of both the body and the mind.

Those that share the yellow topaz as their birthstone are unique individuals. They are sharp, forward thinkers that tend to be extremely determined and can motivate themselves instead of waiting on motivation from others. This uniqueness, though, also brings with it honesty and trustworthiness, ability to love deeply, and a romantic heart.

December Turquoise

14k Rose Gold Multi Turquoise Cocktail Ring

This opaque birthstone comes in a color that is about the same hue as a robin’s egg. Its symbolic meanings include wealth, good fortune, and success. Like other stones, the turquoise is said to have protective powers over its wearer. It is even said to help calm the mind.

But, even a calm mind does not stop people born in December from both ambitious and social! They also love to laugh and have wonderful senses of humor. They love being loved and are fun to be around.


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