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The Best Grammy Jewelry 2014

The Best Grammy Jewelry 2014

Well, that was a let down. On a red carpet famed for ensembles like J. Lo’s green dress, Beyonce’s green Lorraine Schwartz emeralds, and Macklemore in general, such sparse outrageousness left the Jewelerati wanting. The grills were few and far between (and on Madonna, to add insult to injury). The abundant studs and bare necks had us wondering if we’d time traveled to the Oscars red carpet. Where were the Jesus pieces, the punk couture-inspired chains, where was Rihanna? When Pharell’s mountie hat is one of the most buzzed about fashion statements of the night you know it’s bad. Alas, the 2014 Grammy Awards failed to bring on the bling (it can’t always be the Golden Globes). The few standout stars who did decide to rock some rocks did so with gusto, and for you, musicians and Anna Faris, we are grateful.

Katy Perry

Everyone was swooning for Katy’s music note Valentino dress, but honestly it wasn’t that fantastic and we think they were trying to save face for George telling everyone what she was wearing ahead of time. Her jewels, however, were definitely note-worthy (har har har). Katy chose stunning spinel and diamond earrings along with a gorgeous spinel and diamond between the finger ring that wrapped halfway around her finger for a twist on a classic look. All her fabulous jewels were designed by Ivy New York.

Anna Faris

Not a singer, and we’re not sure why she was there but we are so glad she was! Not only is she a lovely addition to any red carpet (much like our other favorite Leslie Mann), she totally showed up in the gem department. Anna chose Sutra gems to match her sapphire colored gown, with massive blue drop earrings (we’re guessing sapphire slices) and the coolest hand bracelet.

Miranda Lambert

We didn’t catch Miranda Lambert being interviewed, which doesn’t really matter because neither Ryan nor the usually responsible Giuliana would’ve asked about her earrings. Luckily, those puppies were visible even from a distance and our curiosity was piqued (and rewarded once we found the gallery photos.) Miranda offset her glam red column gown with major Kimberly McDonald earrings and a bracelet stack. These beauties feature 50ct Black Opal, Rubies, Natural Hand-Carved Sapphires and diamonds in McDonald’s trademark organic, imperfectly perfect style.

Taylor Swift

Swifty, who instantly made our best dressed list but left us bored int he jewelry department, actually changed our minds with detail shots of her awesome Lorraine Schwartz ring. Not that her earrings weren’t beautiful, it’s just that big, beautiful diamond drop earrings are Lorraine Schwartz’s bread and butter. We like to see stars get adventurous with her more intricate creations (see: Sofia Vergara). And Taylor’s head-to-toe golden girl look (also seen on Ciara) could afford a pop of color to break it all up. Nonetheless, her ring is beautiful. Lorraine Schwartz takes forever to update their social media with details on stars’ jewels, so we’ll update once we know more. However we’d venture to say it’s 18kt yellow gold and diamonds with either citrine or praisiolite as the center stone? But it’s LS and TS, let’s be real it’s probably another diamond.


Speaking of diamonds…Queen Bey didn’t walk the red carpet but did make an appearance after her smokin’ hot opening performance. She chose a bright white and sheer laser cut lace dress to wear with an insane amount of Lorraine Schwartz diamonds. All the better to do the I woke up like this dance, my dear. Why choose one statement ring when you can choose 7, in addition to your own flawless rock? Bey wore an assortment of Lorraine goodies that nearly made up for everyone else’s lack of jewelry. Emerald, radiant, cushion, oval (east-west AND north-south) and a pop of pink on the pinkie. Gang’s all here. And how amazing is that index finger ring – are those crystal or rose cuts? LS pleeeeease send out a press release or update your Facebook page!


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