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Aisle Style: Beach Wedding Dresses

There are beaches — and then, there are BEACHES! So, it stands to reason that a beach wedding can conjure up multiple images, depending on the mind doing the conjuring. Personally, we think that casual beach weddings can be just as elegant as any other wedding setting; depending, of course, on the color of nail polish for those bare toes.

Really, the range of beaches can be mind boggling.

An East Coast Wedding at a posh country club on Long Island, with white beribboned chairs set out on the deck facing the sound can be just as formal a setting as a cathedral. Traditional, to be sure: A simple gown with a court train would be perfectly in order here, and nice for the reception on the lawn. Who wants to move inside when the water is just steps away?

On the other end of the scale, perhaps, would be a true beach wedding in the Florida Keys. Gorgeous sand, a secluded setting, just a few guests, and fresh grilled fish on tables set in the sand? Does it sound tempting? The perfect dress for the bride would have to go with rolled up beach pants and casual white cotton shirts for the men in the party. How about a swingy shift sporting an asymmetrical hemline, festooned with lace? This style would be totally easy to wear, easy to love and, for sure, it would look as good with bare feet as it does with the open toe heels for the ceremony.

Destination weddings have become increasingly popular; and the destinations can be dazzling as well. The legendary beaches of Mexico, from Cancun to Puerto Vallarta, are immensely appealing. If you’re thinking of getting away to Mexico to tie the knot, why not give a nod to the wedding traditions of that great and happy land? A traditional embroidery-festooned white cotton dress would be a one-of-a-kind tribute to a day and an event you will never forget. And what would be more appropriate for a wedding on a beautiful Mexican beach, perhaps with the setting sun as a backdrop?

Our final selection, appropriate for a beachy wedding anywhere in the world from the South of France to the Greek Islands to a Maine Cottage on a lake is a strapless beauty, also in taffeta so that its shape is accentuated. The design bares the shoulders and the knees, but has the look of a beautiful ball gown. We think it’s perfect for leaving footprints in the sand.

Whatever the setting, it’s your special day. Be sure to choose a wedding gown that expresses your personality and makes it a day to remember.

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