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Yes, we can guarantee that all of the baguettes below are 100% gluten free. In fact, they’re sugar free, fat free, dairy free, soy free, and a whole slew of other things because they’re diamonds. Mostly. Baguettes are making a comeback in the bridal world, adding their sleek facets to many a center stone in the Raymond Lee Jewelers showcase. Baguettes had a big moment in the 1980’s, so they’re due for a resurrection, we think. And what’s not to love? Baguette diamonds add a certain clean-lined chicness to any engagement ring, regardless of the center stone’s cut. So a bride who falls in love with a  round diamond, but wants something different, something structured, can choose to add tapered baguettes to either side (or hint heavily that her groom do so for her.) Baguettes can also be stacked on either side of the diamond for a fun twist that still looks classic, but very unique. Baguettes are simple step cut diamonds with minimal faceting, so it’s best suited for diamonds with minimal inclusions. Luckily, because these accent stones tend to be smaller, the higher quality clarity grade won’t impact budget the way it would with a larger diamond. Let’s check out a few of our newest engagement rings with baguettes.

Emerald Cut Halo Engagement ring with baguettes

This emerald cut is breathtaking and so different. The center stone is just an incredible diamond, D color and SI1 clarity certified by GIA. And at 3.01 carats it’s pretty jaw dropping. The tapered baguettes are matched perfectly, and get a little “halo” of their own. Their shanks are set with 12 round brilliants, adding an extra .48ctw of diamonds.

Cushion Cut Engagement rings

This ring centers a huge 6.14 carat cushion cut. And thanks to its forgiving brilliant faceting, the stone’s J color and SI2 clarity grade still sparkle brightly. The tapered baguettes weigh a total of .50 carats and add impeccable, bright clarity to the ring.

White Gold 0.93ct Round Brilliant Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

This stunning sapphire engagement ring is styled in a gorgeous antique fashion. The center stone is a .93 carat K color, VS1 clarity round brilliant diamond. It’s nestled between two deep, rich blue sapphire baguettes (a sapphire cut you don’t see too often.) The accent diamonds surround the sapphires and extend half way down the shank, adding .40ctw to the 18kt white gold setting, which picks up with a gorgeous laurel design once the diamonds stop.

Vintage Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

This ring shows off baguettes in all their late 80’s glory. The invisibly set accent stones weigh 1.10 carats total in their own right, and the yellow gold setting lends warmth to the diamonds. The center stone is a large 3.11 carats with a G color and SI1 clarity, though looking at it you’d guess it was VS! This ring can be worn in its original state, or deconstructed and “renovated” into a more contemporary setting.

So while we do wish we could share a gluten free baguette recipe with our GF readers, we hope these rings satisfied your craving for diamonds.

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