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Brad Pitt Gives Angelina Jolie Wedding Gift to Tune of $390k

Brad Pitt Gives Angelina Jolie Wedding Gift to Tune of $390k

When you are Brad Pitt and you are engaged to Angelina Jolie — the woman who has everything or can buy anything she wants — what do you get for a wedding present? Well, Brad managed to figure out the perfect present. It is unique, timeless and classic, as well as being rare and luxurious. It is rumored that he has purchased a custom made Patek Phillippe watch to present to his bride-to-be before their wedding.

 The watch has been described as a minute repeater, and was created by the Swiss watch company known for style and luxury. It is said that to get a watch from Patek Philippe, you are put on a two-year waiting list, but apparently Brad Pitt was an exception to the rule. It has been said he chose to purchase this watch after meeting with someone from the company at an event, as he decided that the watch was something that not many people have and would make a wonderful wedding present. He paid $390,000 for the watch, reportedly. It was so precious he went straight to Geneva to pick it up after it was custom-made by hand. It also had been hand inspected by a member of the Stern Dynasty, who owns the watch manufacturing company.

The dial is said to be made of yellow gold and also include mother of pearl. The chimes are designed to sound like Big Ben, and the word on the street is that it took nearly two months to create this watch. Style watchers and fans of romance everywhere will be keeping an eye on Angelina’s wrist from now on. This custom Patek Philippe watch will soon be the envy of millions of women worldwide, and is sure to increase the notoriety and popularity of this already exclusive brand of watches.

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