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All About Cushion Cut Diamonds

All About Cushion Cut Diamonds

cushion cut boca raton

All About Cushion Cut Diamonds

cushion cut boca raton

It might be a necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings. Jewelry of all types has been loved by women and, of course, men for centuries. Diamonds especially have captivated the hearts and minds of men and women who want to marry and grow their families. It is a symbol of the deepest and most lasting of love affairs. A diamond particularly has one of the hardest surfaces known to man and will last forever as it is already thousands or even millions of years old, Most people believe it is of utmost importance for the man to give a beautiful diamond ring to the woman he is looking to spend the rest of his life with at the moment he is proposing marriage.

A Cushion cut diamond ring is an ancient jewelry design that has evolved over the years and thanks to the advancement of technology it is possible to perfect the old not so perfect jewelry designs. The cushion cut diamond dates back to the 19th century when it was called mine cut. The name mine cut originated from the Brazilian mines, and after the discovery of South African diamond mine, it changed to the old mine.

cushion cut diamond

In the 19th century diamond cutters were not as sophisticated as they are today. Modern diamonds are cut completely differently than they were back then and cutters now know how to maximise a stone to show off all of its brilliance.

One of the most popular diamond shapes is the Round Brilliant. If an experienced diamond cutter has worked with a good piece of diamond rough then the skills and technique that will be used can produce what is known as a Round Brilliant Diamond.

There are many shapes of diamonds and one of the most unusual and beautiful is the cushion cut. There are many versions of how the cushion cut diamond came to be, and some people think that maybe the inspiration was drawn from the shape of the Peruzzi cut diamond, candle or table cut. Whoever came up with that particular design of the cushion cut diamond made a brilliant discovery and fabulous unique design. The Cushion cut design does seems to be slightly harder to find and a more rare shape.

Types of cushion cut diamonds

The cushion cut diamond, although not as popular or well known as the Emerald cut, has been available for a long time. The kinds of cut cushion diamonds are commonly described according to the shape and arrangement of the facets. It can be divided into three categories that have sub-categories in them. The three types are modified brilliant, brilliant and antique.

Antique cushion cut diamond

diamonds boca raton

It is also known as vintage because of its traditional shape and fewer number of facets. When compared to the modern cushion cut diamond, the facet of antique is a bit longer. The antique was made at the time when advancement in technology had not yet set in. During their era, the antique was the rock star, but now when you put the antique and the modern cushion cut, you’ll see it doesn’t bring out the same charm a stylish cushion cut diamond has.

The brilliant cushion

cushion cut

The size of facets in brilliant are more significant when you compare it with other modern cushion cut diamonds, but it is also smaller than the antique. The facet is more similar to the round cut diamond, and the only difference is the square shape a brilliant diamond has. The brilliant cushion cut diamond facets that stretch from the center outwardly giving a star burst appearance.

Cushion Modified brilliant

henri daussi boca raton

The Cushion Modified Brilliant is a variation of the Cushion cut but does contain extra facets and does have more of a flower shape on the inside of the diamond as a result of the extra facets. Most people do not realise there is a difference between the Cushion cut and the Cushion Modified Brilliant.


Crushed Ice Diamond

cushion cut


The Cushion Modified Brilliant is also known as the Crushed iced diamond particularly because you can look at it from an angle and see the sparkles that reflect light from all angles. Although it is not as popular as some cuts and shapes of diamonds it is usually at a good price point that may take away some or all of the objections to the purchase of this diamond cut. People often consider that they may be able to get a better quality or even larger size with this cut of diamond.


Chunky cushion

diamond boca raton


The facets of this diamond are more apparent than the crushed cushion when you observe it from the top. The facets are big enough for you to be able to distinguish the shapes. It is a replica of the round diamonds but also looks like the antique, and the difference is it has a depth of more than 69%.

Cushion cut diamond popularity

The cushion cut is among the top ten most famous diamond which has been worn by celebrities and most preferred for wedding engagements. When you wear a cushion cut diamond ring, you don’t need to create attention for it to be noticed. It has a characteristic of advertising itself by reflecting light with the perfectly arranged facets. The focus it unknowingly creates is one of the reasons why the cushion cut diamond is famous.

The price of a cushion cut diamond is relatively high, and most celebrities, wealthy individuals, and brides want to be associated with as it creates a favorable impression of who and what type of person you are. A diamond can withstand the harshest treatment during cutting and molding.

daussi girl

Some men give their loved ones a cushion cut diamond because they want something of beauty that is also rare and unusual. They want their future partners to have something special that will last a lifetime and be appreciated and loved. Even though a cushion cut diamond is precious it is also gorgeous and whenever you look at it; it has that charm a woman has on a man.

Diamonds don’t lose their luster, and it doesn’t matter how many years it is it will always look as good as it came from the jewelry shop the first time. It is precious because you can pass it on to your daughter or granddaughter. Even though it is pricey, it is worth every dollar.

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