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Alexa Collins Hits Exuma with a Leopard Daytona and Custom Necklace

Alexa Collins Hits Exuma with a Leopard Daytona and Custom Necklace

As the weather begins to warm up, our favorite model, Alexa Collins does what any beautiful girl would do: enjoy some fun in the sun. We recently caught up with this blonde beauty as she and her fiance hit the beaches of the exclusive and beautiful Exuma beaches in the Bahamas. These are beaches that are known for their privacy, beautiful blue waters, and peaceful environs. We know just how hard models like Alexa Collins work and also know that she deserves a little break on occasion. But even when she is on a break, she can’t help but look absolutely stunning.

During her sun-filled trip to the Bahamas with her fiance, Alexa Collins can be seen sporting the exclusive and rare leopard Daytona. This is a unique and stylish version of an automotive-inspired classic Rolex watch. The bold and eye-catching style of the watch makes it a great statement accessory that will look great on the beach as well as for an evening out with that special someone. But we couldn’t just let Alexa Collins go to the beach without something really special.

This is why we created a custom diamond drop necklace for her trip. It is a stunning and unique piece of jewelry that is perfect for stunning and unique beauty. At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we also offer custom jewelry creation that allows you to create the perfect piece of one-of-a-kind jewelry, just as we did for Alexa. 

Fun in the Sun

All work and no play makes a model, well, pretty dull and bored. That is why even the hardest workers have to take some time out of their busy schedule on occasion to let loose and enjoy some much-needed free time. This is why Alexa Collins and her beau chose the stunning and elegant beaches of Exuma to get away for a little while. It is a perfect place for a few days of relaxation which our model most certainly deserves. Her action-packed schedule would be grueling for even the most work-conscious among us. So when she decides to take a few days, we are more than happy to provide her with some lovely baubles for the trip.

The beaches of Exuma are known for their beauty, privacy, and elegance. It is a small island in the Bahamas that has picture-perfect backdrops for any vacation. For a woman as beautiful as Alexa Collins, it takes an environment as pretty as this to really match up to her own beauty. And when she graces the beaches wearing the leopard Daytona and a custom necklace, she really turns heads. These pieces are elegant and refined accessories that are perfect for far more than just the beach. When Alexa pairs the leopard Daytona with a custom drop diamond necklace, she is creating a really stunning and bold look that is all her own.

Our Favorite Model

Alexa Collins is an icon in our minds. Not only is she absolutely stunning, but her personality is as great as her smile. She is a joy to work with and we are happy that we can call her our own. We have been working with Ms. Collins for a number of years now and cannot think of a better representative for our jewelry or our mission statement. It’s always an event when Alexa comes to town and when she comes for one of our many events open to the public, she always makes a splash. Her sunny disposition and kindness are as bright as her physical beauty.

When we think about models who can best represent us and who will really look great wearing the pieces we source, we couldn’t think of a better model than Alexa Collins. She has that classic all-American beauty. Petite, blonde, and with curves to die for, she really is the epitome of sun-soaked beauty. And really, she is the epitome of class and style in South Florida. She makes a natural choice to show off our high-end pieces as well as to help represent us during social events like the many events we offer to the public at large.

But more than anything, she works hard and is always up for a fun photoshoot. She makes all our jewelry look stunning, even the simplest and most modest pieces. She is the perfect canvas for high-end jewelry and can really show off the beauty and style of a diverse range of pieces. Who can resist fine jewelry and a beautiful woman with the perfect smile? Alexa models numerous pieces, but here, she is showing off the unique Rolex leopard Daytona, as well as a custom diamond drop necklace created especially for her. 

The Rolex Daytona

The Rolex Daytona line of watches is a popular one here at Raymond Lee Jewelers. This line of watches takes its inspiration from the famous Florida race of the same name. So, that means that there is a strong automotive inspiration in this line of watches. But it still boasts the same quality, elegance, and style that all Rolex watches have become known for. It is a masculine watch that boasts a large dial and clean lines. The great thing about this line of watches is that there are tons of different variations. 

This means you can find versions of the Rolex Daytona in different colors, materials, and the like. Alexa Collins chose a bold and eye-catching version of the Daytona that many call the leopard Daytona. One look at the watch and it is clear why. Both the face and bracelet of the watch are in a unique leopard print. Additionally, there are cognac sapphires that encompass the bezel of the watch. This gives the watch a unique color and shine. It is a really unique version of this popular watch that was only made in small quantities. It just makes sense that Alexa Collins would sport a one-of-a-kind watch since she, herself, is definitely one in a million. 

Custom Diamond Necklace

When we are working with someone as one-of-a-kind as Alexa Collins, not just any piece of jewelry will do. She came to us, telling us about her trip to Exuma and we definitely wanted her trip to be taken in the highest possible style. So we did what any jeweler would do, we came together with our jewelers to create something just for her. We knew she would be spending her days on the beach and wanted to create something that would enhance the look of this already stunning woman. What we chose was a diamond drop necklace that is bold and dramatic.

It is a drop necklace that goes down to the belly. It features the finest metals and high-end diamonds and really shows off the stunning beauty of Alexa. But it also helps give her an even more elegant style than she would otherwise have. The necklace is eye-catching and bold, but not overly large. It features brilliant small diamonds that refract tons of sunlight for the maximum amount of sparkle. 

Hit the Beach in Style

When someone like Alexa Collins hits the beach, she wants to do so in the finest style possible. And what better way to do this than with a stunning bikini and some really high-end jewelry? We couldn’t think of a better way either. So we knew that Ms. Collins needed some really special pieces for her trip and that is exactly what we seek to provide. We want all our clients to leave our shop feeling like they got something really one-of-a-kind that will express their personality and unique style.

Alexa is no different, so when we found out she was hitting Exuma for a vacation, we looked towards our finest pieces to help her step out in style. Since she is so special, it just makes sense to send her off with pieces that are unlike anything you can find elsewhere. Unique pieces just suit her unique style and beautiful nature. It is hard to determine what will catch more eyes at the beach, Alexa herself or the stunning jewelry she is wearing. If you want to spend an afternoon laying out on the beach, chances are you want to look great while doing it. Just take a page out of Alexa Collins’ book and choose unique pieces that will enhance your style. 

Statement Jewelry

There are some occasions where it makes sense to bring a special piece of jewelry that you wouldn’t wear for just any occasion. A fun beach trip with that special someone in your life is the perfect opportunity to bring out one of these bold pieces we reserve for special occasions. This is exactly what Alexa Collins did on her recent trip to Exuma, Bahamas. She chose to pair her stunning bikinis with a rare, limited edition Rolex watch. The leopard Daytona is a watch that you can easily recognize on sight. It is unique and stylish and definitely not like most high-end watches you’ll see.

She also pairs this with a piece of custom jewelry we created just for her trip. This is a long drop necklace that features the finest diamonds available. It is demure, yet offers a sparkle and shine that definitely draws the eye. The unique blending of subtle style and eye-catching design is perfect for a model like Alexa. 

Beach-worthy Accessories

When you go to the beach, you go for a multitude of reasons. Some people want to play in the water and enjoy some fun in the sun. Others see this as an opportunity to lay out and relax and just take it easy for a while. But regardless of why we are there, we want to look good. This is why it makes sense to put a little effort into choosing the perfect accessories for your next beach trip. If you are planning on spending a ton of time in the water, you will want to make sure that you are choosing pieces that can withstand the elements. If you are going simply to relax and maybe catch a few rays, you have many more options.

Depending on why you are going to the beach, the accessories you choose can really make or break your look. You don’t want to go overboard with the jewelry as it is a beach setting and not a formal gathering. But a few pieces of high-end statement jewelry will definitely help amplify the look of your outfit. You can take a page from Alexa Collins book here and choose some of the most classic accessories possible: a watch and a high-end necklace. The watch just looks great with everything. And a necklace can really draw attention to your neck, or other assets you wish to show off.

Carefully chosen accessories can really take your beach look to a whole new level of style and elegance. You don’t want to wear too many pieces as this isn’t really the place to show off tons of jewelry. But a few pieces that are chosen to accent the look you are going for is a great idea. 

In Closing

When someone like our favorite model, Alexa Collins, hits the beach, you know she is going to do it with the highest style possible. When she and her fiance recently took a trip to Exuma, in the Bahamas, she came to us for some high-end pieces that would really amplify her look. She would select a unique wristwatch that is unlike any other high-end watches. The leopard Daytona she chose is a great blending of a classic favorite, with bold and unique features. This style is perfect for a trendsetter like Alexa.

She also wanted to pair her watch with something unique. With this in mind, we would create a custom necklace, especially for her. It is a diamond drop necklace that gives off bold style and elegant quality. It features small brilliant-cut diamonds that give off tons of sparkle and shine. But the necklace is not overly large, so it doesn’t take away from her beach beauty either. Since Alexa is one of a kind, it just made sense to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry for her to wear on her much-needed trip. 


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