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2012 Trends for Weddings – Guest Post by Simply Bridal

2012 Trends for Weddings – Guest Post by Simply Bridal

2012 Trends for Weddings

Great news, readers! Today’s Wedding Wednesday includes a treat for you – 10% off at Simply Bridal! The code is: PSM10 and it’s valid until August 1st, 2012. We hope you find a fabulous wedding dress at SimplyBridal.com, and that you enjoy this guest post by Molly Warner.

After scouring the web and wedding magazines, here are some predictions!

1. Woodsy Wonderland
We’ve seen the movement towards rustic for quite a few years now, but the magical settings of this year’s box office from Snow White to the Hobbit seems to have thrown it into overdrive.
Think the great outdoors meet princess chic! Lothlorien, Rivendell, and the Shire have moved out of geek speak into wedding scrapbooks everywhere. Look out for naturalistic centerpieces and bouquets made of branches, flowers, fruits, and berries. Rather than looking carefully put together, they look almost thrown together from a half hour’s frolic in a meadow.

2. Watercolor
Last year, we began to see hand painted invitations and paper details, and it looks like this trend is picking up speed. This DIY tip has been elevated to high fashion. Wedding couture has several examples of watercolor gowns and Sarah Michelle Gellar wore a dyed blue Monique Lhuillier wedding dress at the Golden Globes.

3. Wedding Videos
The slideshow has been updated into a movie production. Many couples now have scripted and staged wedding videos that may retell their personal love story or just be choreographed to their favorite romantic song.

4. Smaller Weddings
The biggest way to save and to create a special sense of exclusivity is to slash the guest list. Couples are splurging with smaller guest lists to create an elegant, sophisticated wedding with plenty of small details.

5. The Little White Dress

Instead of the big dramatic number, many brides are cutting back in more ways than one. As budget-conscious brides have chipped away at the idea of the traditional wedding, their wedding gowns have also become more casual and comfortable.

Molly Warner is a writer for SimplyBridal.com, a well known retailer of high quality online wedding dresses. She’s been planning her own wedding since she was a seven-year old flower girl and has written for various publications before deciding that her passion is in the bridal industry, especially wedding dresses.

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