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18k White Princess Cut Engagement Ring

18k White Princess Cut Engagement Ring

18k White Princess Cut Engagement Ring

The 18k white princess cut engagement ring presents a regally attractive option for those looking for a dazzlingly elegant, flaw forgiving, and timelessly graceful ring.

Do you want to take your relationship to the next level? Then, this royalty-reminiscent ring style is your perfect choice. We treasure this 18k white princess cut engagement ring like every other Princess cut ring because of that outstanding design, adaptable pairing alternatives, and modern flair. Whether you prefer an eclectic look or a classically designed ring, it is an ideal choice. Regardless of your choice, there is always a perfect princess cut ring for you. 

Moreover, with great power comes excellent vogue and fame. Every lover of the 18k white princess cut engagement ring most likely already knows just how many options there are out there. Expect your ring to be a life-long relic of the engagement itself. So, why won’t you choose a ring you’ll admire for many years to come.

In this post, we rounded up all of the necessary details you need about these all-time favorite princess cut engagement rings. But, first, we must mention that this ring style is great for the inner monarch inside everyone. So, while you get set to explore these gleamingly beautiful rings, let’s go over the experts we will take insights from for the major parts of this post. 

Lauren Priori

She is the owner of L. Priori Jewelry, a by-appointment custom jeweler based in Philadelphia. Our first expert is a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) trained Graduate Gemologist. Also, Priori is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business. Next, we will take insights from her interview with Brides.com.

Rordan Shane

Meet the President and CEO of Shane Co., the biggest privately-held retail jewelry chain in the United States. Shane is the fourth generation in a family of jewelers with an agelong lustrous history in this field. Similarly, we will take insights from her interview with Brides.com.

Introducing the Princess Cut Engagement Ring

18k white princess cut engagement ring

For starters, a princess cut diamond is a square-cut stone with tipped edges and an inverted pyramid footing. Lauren Priori of L. Priori Jewelry says, “It is either perfectly square or has a 1.05 – 1.10:1 length to width ratio to make the whole stone look larger.”

Indeed, the brilliant round cut may be the most prominent diamond shape of the lot. Yet, the princess cut retains the spark that makes round brilliants attractive. Likewise, this ring style parades a timeless and modern geometric form. In Priori’s words, “The top facet on a princess cut diamond is a lot bigger than what you’d see on a round-cut diamond. That makes the stone look brighter and whiter because it lets more light in.”

As for princess cut engagement rings, they are rings that feature a cubic centerpiece. In addition, they sometimes get linked to a square modified-brilliant cut. Notably, the princess cut style became well-known quite recently. Precisely, in the 1960s and 70s. 

Showing off 50-58 facets (most commonly 21 on the crown, 33 on the pavilion, and four on the girdle) and a brilliant glimmering design, princess cut engagement rings doesn’t show any sign of stopping. We can only expect these rings to get more popular as time goes on.

princess cut engagement ring

Regardless of their steady demand, princess cut rings are one of the more inexpensive types of diamond shapes. This cost reduction is thanks to their straightforward forging technique. Besides, princess cut rings come in a variety of styles. This variety makes them exceptionally adaptable to various wedding band designs.

History of Princess Cut Rings

According to Priori, square diamonds are not new, as their presence dates back to the 1700s. However, the princess cut rings as we know them today are actually one of the recent shape entries on the market.

a white princess cut ring

Princess cut rings saw a rebirth in the 1960s when London jeweler Arpad Nagy started to provide a “profile” cut that made room for less of the rough stone to get wasted in the cutting procedure. The South African designer Basil Watermeyer brought in the beautiful but difficult-to-replicate collection of Barion cuts in the 1970s. 

Finally, the peak of popularity for princess cut rings came in 1979 when Israeli diamond pair Betazel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz improved the “quadrillion” cut. The latter was the forerunner of the princess cut. It remains the most similar representation of the shape we currently know as princess cut rings.

Overall, there’s not much about why “princess” was selected for the name. Still, most ring lovers guess it’s because the mixture of brilliant sparkle and classic clean lines makes the cut feel ideal for royalty.

An Overview of the Allure of the Princess Cut Rings

Indeed, princess cut engagement rings might be a somewhat new style. Regardless, their striking traits make up for any lost time.

a sparkling white princess cut ring 18k

These princess cut rings are distinctive and carefully drawn up to create a stone that is fated for glitter. With their classic shape, you enjoy that access to an adaptable selection of band settings. This ring is perfect for those who like to venture off the traditional route.

The princess cut shape also effortlessly advances itself to disguise slight defects within the ring. Meanwhile, the diamond’s structure and ability to distribute light in all directions permit it to deflect from any error regions. Also, did we note that the princess cut generates a wide spectrum of color and clarity? You’re in for an eye-popping proposal.

Put in all of that in their welcomed affordability, and princess cut engagement rings are an excellent choice.

Pros and Cons of the 18k White Princess Cut Engagement Ring

The 18k white princess cut ring is unique because it integrates the best elements of several cuts into one style. That modern square look and chic style make it an ideal alternative to a round brilliant ring. In addition, these princess cut rings are a cost-effective choice for engagement rings since the shape of the diamond is already comparable to the shape of the rough diamond its cut comes from. Hence, less diamond gets wasted by gem cutters in the process. 

18k white princess cut engagement ring

Nevertheless, 18k white princess cut rings possess the potential to seem smaller than their equals. Shane Co. In an interview with Brides, President and CEO Rordan Shane says, “Because princess cuts carry most of their weight in the pavilion (the underside of the diamond), they may appear smaller than another diamond shape with the same carat weight. So while one person may say their con is the cut appearing smaller than other shapes, another might find this inconsequential, favoring sparkle more than size.” 

Due to these instabilities, the best way to determine which diamond is right for you is by peeking at it up close.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying Princess Cut Rings

The Best settings to Pair with Princess Cut Rings

You’ll prefer to opt for a prong style that delivers extra protection for the edges. Priori’s best choice for protecting a princess cut diamond is a V-prong setting. However, if you’re not a lover of the look, there are other alternatives to choose from as well.

Expected Price Range for the 18k White Princess Cut Engagement Rings

18k white princess cut rings are priced lower per carat than other brilliant cut rings. The reason is that the design permits more of the rough stone to be saved in the cutting procedure. “They also hide inclusions, or natural imperfections, really well because they’re so faceted and deep,” Priori explains.

The Most Relevant of the 4Cs when it comes to Princess cut Rings

Note that the cut of the diamond is incredibly significant when looking for any princess cut rings. This importance is what will bring out the most sparkle in the diamond your ring features. 

Knowing that the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) has not come out with a precise general cut grade for princess cuts, some gem cutters could take advantage of that and sell lesser quality diamonds to gain more. Therefore, we advise that you ask many questions when picking out your princess cut ring to guarantee that you are getting the best quality diamond for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions about Princess Cut Rings

1. What Wedding Band is the Best Fit with the 18k White Princess Cut Engagement Ring?

One big reason we love princess cut engagement rings as much as we do is their simple capacity to complete wedding band designs. There is an opportunity to design the square shape from several angles. That way, the wedding band should depend solely on the overall style of the ring itself.

Moreover, some of the most fashionable wedding bands for a princess cut ring are eternity bands or contoured bands. Also, try out rings with accent stones and the band because they sit snugly against the ring. More so, it is a terrific idea to select a band with baguettes in the same design as the centerpiece.

After all, is said and done, your wedding band and engagement ring will always be an introspection of your sense of fashion. Also, if you want some style ideas, feel free to go online and check out some gorgeous wedding bands to get you started!

2. Why Are Princess Cut Rings Less Expensive?

In light of the tremendous qualities of princess cut engagement rings explored in this post, it is impressive that they’re also one of the more inexpensive engagement ring choices on the market.

These princess cut diamonds and stones will differ in cost depending on several factors. However, the result of the square-cut and common cutting process is the main explanation for why princess cut rings are cheaper than comparable engagement ring types.

Typically, rough diamonds get shaped in a cubic shape. This means that diamond manufacturers can easily make twice as much from their production in princess cut diamonds from the same original piece. As a rough diamond makes use of nearly 40% of a rough diamond, a princess cut diamond utilizes nearly 80-90%.

18k white princess cut ring

With less waste comes more affordability. This is what steers princess cut diamond engagement ring prices down. Therefore, the efficiency cost savings are practically passed down to you as the buyer. For us, that is a win-win. 

3. What Maintenance And Precaution Tips Work Best with these Ring Types?

Shane recommends caring for your diamond by staying away from harsh chemicals in cleaning supplies. He also advises the use of light dish soap, warm water, and a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your ring at home. He adds,  “It’s also important to check your princess cut diamond every now and then to ensure it hasn’t become loose in the setting. The sharper corners of the stone can make it more likely to snag than other shapes.”

Aside from these tips, we will provide you with certain straightforward additions. You can maintain and prevent issues with your 18k white princess cut rings by sticking to these tips. 

  • Always avoid being in contact with any acid and alkali substance and other corrosive substances.
  • Do well to prevent collisions to avoid surface scratches and other blemishes. 
  • Please do not wear your ring when sweating a lot, showering, or sleeping.
  • Always remember to wipe your 18k white princess cut rings with a soft cloth. That’s a safe way to clean your jewelry.
  • Are you not wearing it today? Then, do well to thoroughly dry it before storage. 
  • To store it properly, place it in a safe box or place. That way, you can easily avoid moisture that might make you lose your luster.

Finally, whenever you face any difficulties with our items or services, kindly feel free to reach out to us first before leaving feedback. Trust Raymond Lee Jewelers to always put in our best to deal with any troubles and offer you the best customer services you deserve. 


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