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Which Watch to Wear When

Which Watch to Wear When

Wearing a watch is something that most of us do at least some of the time. In addition to being a useful way to keep track of time, watches are an excellent fashion accessory, particularly for men whose jewelry options are often more limiting than women’s options. In addition, the vast variety of watches that are available makes them an even more versatile in how and when they can be worn. However, the other side of this coin is the fact that not every watch is appropriate for every occasion. A watch that might be perfect for a day at the beach might not be ideal for a meeting with a client. The following is a list of specific watch brands and models that are ideal for some of the most common situations we find ourselves in on a daily basis.

Best watches for the office:

When choosing a watch for the office, it is important to find something that is clean and sharp without appearing to ostentatious or attention-seeking. Striking a balance between class and not appearing too flashy is the key to an ideal business watch.

Boccia Titanium 3500-01

The Boccia Titanium is an inexpensive watch that is both elegant and simple. It features a black leather strap and a titanium case and buckle. If you are looking to get a watch for the office without breaking the bank, this is a great option to consider.

Nixon The Optique

Another relatively inexpensive option is The Optique by Nixon. This is a great alternative to the Boccia Titanium because both the band and the watch face are made out of stainless steel. This particular model is for women, however there are several similar looking options for men as well.

Tag Heuer Grand Carrera

Pre Owned TAG Heuer Grand Carrera

If you are looking for something a little more expensive, the Grand Carrera by Tag Heuer is an excellent option. This watch is the epitome of professional class without being gaudy or flashy. It has an alligator strap that will match almost any suit, and the bezel is rose-gold for a soft but elegant look. The only downside is that this watch will cost quite a bit more than the Boccia Titanium and Nixon’s The Optique, with a MSRP around $8500.

Best watches for the beach:

Beach watches should be functional and stylish while also being somewhat rugged. There are so many different ways for a watch to get damaged at the beach that you’ll want to make sure your watch is durable enough to handle whatever the day brings. Everything from sand to salty sea air can cause damage to the wrong type of watch, so make sure you choose the right one for your day at the beach.

Tag Heuer Formula 1

Tag Heuer Formula 1 WAH1010

Tag Heuer is typically known for their more formal watches; however the Formula 1 is perfectly designed for rugged terrain such as sandy beaches. The Formula 1 has the iconic Tag bezel; however it utilizes a military colored theme, including a high-quality rubber band. This watch is perfect for a sandy day at the beach or virtually any other outdoor activity.

Omega Seamaster

Omega Professional Seamaster Planet Ocean Stainless Steel Watch

If you’ve got the budget and you really want to make an impression, the Seamaster by Omega is a great way to show off your sense of style without risking damage to your expensive timepiece. Not only is the Seamaster sand and water resistant, it can actually go to a depth of 600 meters before it stops functioning, making it perfect for a snorkel or scuba adventure.

Best watches for a formal occasion

Wearing a watch to a formal occasion such as a black-tie event or a wedding can be a stressful experience if you aren’t sure what you are doing. Finding a watch that is both elegant and within your price range can be a difficult undertaking and requires some insight from an expert. Although anyone can go out and buy an expensive watch, the key is to get the most bang for your buck.

Rolex Explorer

Rolex Explorer II 16570 Black Dial Mens Watch

Few brands are more synonymous with class and luxury than Rolex. Through several decades of being in business, Rolex has perfected the art of building timeless yet somehow always trendy timepieces. The Rolex Explorer is a great choice for anyone looking for a formal watch who also isn’t exactly sure what their style is yet. The Rolex Explorer has a black face and a steel bezel and band. This makes it easy to match for essentially any outfit and for any occasion. In addition, it is a self-winding and perpetual motion watch, so you never have to worry about replacing the batteries.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso

If you’re looking for something with a little more pizazz than the Rolex Explorer, the Rogue is an excellent, though more expensive, option. The face of the Rogue is a deep red, and the chrome bezel and black leather band are the epitome of class. This watch is a perfect way to complete a stylist outfit for a special occasion, particularly if the event has red as part of its theme.

Best casual watches:

Your casual watch is likely to be the watch you wear most often. For this reason, you should choose one that will last a long time and is flexible in what it can be worn with. In addition, your casual watch should match your personality. Because there are so many casual watch choices, and because the right casual watch is a personal and subjective decision, it is impossible to state which watch is the “best” one. However, the following are a couple examples, which might inspire you to find another one that suits you even better.

For someone that is looking for a classic and elegant casual watch, the Tissot Classic is a great place to start looking. The watch has a brown leather strap and is encased in stainless steel. The watch face is a simple white with steel numerals, and is suited for virtually any occasion.

Emporio Armani AR5866 Black Chronograph

If you are looking for a watch with a little more functionality and personality than the Tissot Classic, the Emporio Armani Chronograph is an excellent option to consider. This watch looks for casual and modern, and features a black face, a black and steel band, and a steel case. This watch is perfect for anyone looking for a watch that is hip but not flashy.

Whatever watch you end up getting, make sure you purchase it from a reputable watch dealer. By getting a watch from someone you can trust, you know that you are getting the best value, and can bring the watch back for repair or service at any time. If you live in South Florida, Raymond Lee Jewelers is a great place to both buy and sell almost any type of watch. In addition, our full service center will be able to fix your watch without needing to outsource the work to another store.


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