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Summer Wedding Guest Wardrobe Ideas

Summer Wedding Guest Wardrobe Ideas

 Receiving a wedding invitation from a dear friend or a loved one can be an exciting moment in its own, but when time begins to dwindle and the anticipated date nears, it becomes priority to find an outfit for the occasion: What to wear to a summer wedding?

As many know, it is unspoken wedding etiquette to “Never Upstage the Bride.” Though this seems to give the vibe that a guest cannot look fabulous for fear of outdoing the bride, we have provided some inspiration for those guests looking to impress—without threatening the bride’s spotlight.

This summer, bright colors are popping up everywhere in the fashion world. The key is to find statement jewelry pieces that glimmer just at the right moments, accentuating your impeccable sense of style, yet also showcasing your modesty as a guest. Look for large gemstone rings, earrings, and fun bangles that will catch the eye of anybody who happens to be looking your way. Gemstones are perfect for accessorizing in the summer because their array of colors suggests the carefree fun that summer weddings are all about. After all, once the champagne is poured, those jewels were born to be on the dance floor…

These pieces are interchangeable with many different outfit choices, so new looks can be recreated even after the wedding, all summer long. The sky’s the limit!

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