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Travel Tuesday: Venice

Travel Tuesday: Venice

What to Wear in Venice

Welcome back to Travel Tuesday! We’re thoroughly infected with the Travel Bug at Raymond Lee Jewelers, and our globe trotting adventures don’t end with all of the jewelry shows we attend. When wanderlust kicks in, and our minds start to drift, here’s a sampling of Where we’ve gone/what we’ll Wear.

Buon pomeriggio, readers! Today’s destination oozes romance, history, and … canal water. We promise, it’s much more fabulous than it sounds, because today we’re headed to Venice. Venezia’s art, architecture and cuisine have us drooling, and you can be sure that we’ll be partaking in all three. Of course, there’s truly only one way to travel around Venice, so here’s what to wear in Venice while a gondolier serenades us through the winding waterways of Venice.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Let’s amend that statement to “When in Venice, dress as the Italians do.” As one of the most fashionable populations in the world, it’s no surprise that Italian designers continuously get it right. Today, we’ll be wearing exclusively Italiano designs!

Gucci leather leggings are stretchy enough to sit in a gondola, but don’t venture into “tourist apparel” territory. Bonus – they’re breathable, but will still provide the perfect amount of warmth when the nighttime temps dip into the low 70’s.

An Antonio Berardi Feathered silk-crepe top  is beautifully crafted in light layers that won’t weigh us down in the pre-sunset humidity.

This Bottega Veneta Intreccatio leather cross body bag is perfect for a night out on the town. It transitions effortlessly from sightseeing to a gourmet meal, is light, just the right size, and adds a pop of color to our Italian chic color palette.

Valentino espadrille wedges ensure that we won’t get a stiletto caught on a cobblestone street. Sequins in black & gold ensure that our shoes are awesome.

We’d be lost without accessories, and Bvlgari’s signature designs are perfect for Venice. We like this two-tone cuff and this beautiful 18kt yellow and white gold band.

Liz for Raymond Lee Jewelers, your source for fashion trends, luxury lifestyle, diamond jewelry, luxury estate jewelry, and designer jewelry.



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