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The world of video-gaming is definitely designed to not only capture people’s interest but to make them want to buy more components to expand their library of fun, entertainment and capability. It’s quite common for gaming system producers to create an entire portfolio of games for a system, and then two years later replace it with a new, better system and set of games. However, the 24-Karat Microsoft Xbox One is probably a first in terms of the ultimate gamer’s console to have, being entirely gold-plated.


Available for Harrods in London, the gold-plated Xbox One is definitely a gamer status chip for those in the luxury set who want to have one-up on their gamer friends. Naturally, the gold-plated Xbox is entirely exclusive and made with a limited production run, increasing its rarity almost immediately. To ramp up the marketing buzz, Harrods is being mum about how many units they will actually be receiving.

Harrods is well known for managing the distribution of unique, high-end products to consumers, and the holiday season is a prime time when the retailer comes out with some of the more amazing items for sale. Known world-wide for its British luxury line of goods, the store frequently partners with companies to produce unique, limited-run products at Christmas that won’t be available elsewhere at that time or afterwards either.

Cost and Demand

The price range is expected to float between 6,000 and 9800 British Pounds. Further, what is being bought for that price is simple a gold-plated console, nothing more. The actual Xbox unit itself is standard, the same that one would buy at a retail store for 430 to 700 Pounds, depending on the accessories bought with it. Harrods product is clearly meant to be seen visually, not experienced.

Interestingly enough, the ability to say “I have one!” is pretty important to gamers, even those in the luxury set. The regular Xbox was quite popular, and Microsoft moved over 2 million consoles in the first month of release and distribution. To then have a gold-plated console is simply the zenith of gamer digital title claims.

In Summary

So if your family has the video gamer who seems to have just about everything and can’t be impressed by much more, maybe he needs a status piece in the form of a gold-plated Xbox One console to impress his friends at the next networked contest. If nothing else, he can revel in the fact that he will likely have the only gold-plated Xbox among the group while he friends pummel his character in the digital world in return.

Then again, a gold-plated console is probably not the ideal gift to give a gamer under the age of 18. More than likely it’s going to get covered with pizza, soda and some other kind of fast food far too quickly, taking the shine of the amazing appearance the fancy Xbox product has on day one.

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