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Spotlight on: Wendy Yue

Spotlight on: Wendy Yue

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There are those who claim that too much formal instruction in an art form will stifle the natural flow of a person’s inner creativity. That may be the case for jewelry designer Wendy Yue.

Born in Hong Kong, Wendy’s studies were focused on language and culture. She completed those studies in Vienna and set her sails to travel across Europe. Soon she had embraced the entire jewelry industry from design to production.

Her venture into the world of haute couture jewelry began in 1998 by establishing Diamond Tree Ltd, a manufacturer of intricate jewelry. It was here that her true passion for the industry blossomed. The result was her name on her own line of jewelry a decade later.

She believes that her training in language and culture was responsible for her success. She says that the lack of formal training in jewelry designing “left her to create pieces that are not bound by traditional jewelry making.”

Wendy’s jewelry designs speak the secrets of her worldwide travels and things in nature around the globe. Her creations show a whimsical side of nature that is charming and unique.

Wendy strives to design pieces that will show off the stones she uses to their fullest. Her style is that of elegant and exotic, and each piece is an innovative creation. All of the pieces in her collection are handmade rather than cast and are limited editions.



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