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Watch Repair in South Florida for luxury and fine timepieces

Watch Repair in South Florida for luxury and fine timepieces

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When it comes to watch repair in South Florida Diamonds by Raymond Lee is the place to go. Our master craftsmen and fine jewelry and luxury time piece experts have the tools and know how to repair and perform usual maintenance. They work with fine watches of all types. Including Rolex, Patek Phillippe, Cartier and Audemars Piguet among many others. If your watch needs some extra attention or even restoration work our master craftsmen are here to offer superior service. With state of the art tools and equipment our specialised watchmakers will bring your watch back to life. A fine watch is an investment for a lifetime. Further in many cases for several generations making their way down the line. That is why we invested in building and fitting out one of the country’s leading watch repair centers. We regularly repair, test, and inspect luxury time pieces from all brands.

Our honest and whole heartedly passionate team will ensure your watch is revamped and receives comprehensive adjustments. First, our experts will assess the condition of your watch. Then, they will give you a comprehensive picture of the situation. For every step of the way we believe in absolute transparency and a complete service experience. From the internal workings to the minutiae of aesthetics we are dedicated to keeping you on time, every time. Whether you need a new battery, links replaced, your oldest pocket watch restored, or want to take advantage of our $159 Rolex Overhaul Special our watchmakers come unrivaled with over 25 years of experience repairing luxury watches. Our experts take great pride in their work and will devote attention to each piece as they do to their very own. We are knowledgeable and experienced ready to offer you timely and affordable services for your fine luxury watches.

watch repair in south florida

Watch Repair in South Florida

When it comes to repairing your fine watches you want to be able to entrust your Rolex, Patek Phillippe and other collector watches to an expert. Someone who will care for your watch. Also expertly adjust it so it continues to function at optimal range. The way the world’s very best manufacturer’s intended it to run. Further when it comes to luxury and fine watches such as Cartier and Audemars Piguet the patented movements and interlocked machinations are highly unique. It is not any “repair man” that can tend to it. This is why our craftsmen and master Horlogerie experts are the ones who are responsible for repairs and maintenance. Highly experienced with fine watches and luxury jewelry they know their stuff. This is their domain where with specialised tools and keen attention to detail they make sure your watch looks and works its best. Every time, for every watch.

Specialized in bespoke additions and modifications our craftsmen are highly skilled. They deal with fine jewels, diamonds and gemstones daily. Whether they are crafting special order jewelry pieces, icing out a watch or studding out customized pieces each one gets due attention. As a family run company we see all of our employees and customers as and extension of our family. Further, this extension means we devote time and resources to building up their development. Each of our craftsmen has special training and ample time to work on each of the pieces our clients entrust to us. Our commitment is to superior service and an absolute attention to quality. Meaning every single piece gets the love it needs and deserves. Also, we carry a range of high end parts for all kinds of luxury and fine time pieces. We repair using techniques the companies themselves craft building these timeless pieces.

South Florida fine watch repair

Diamonds by Raymond Lee watch expert working on a Rolex Submariner

With incredible high attention to detail and a pertinent emphasis on quality control and consistency our repair work is efficient and effective. We will consistently test and monitor the performance of your watch as we make adjustments and replace parts. So no matter the reason you bring your watch in to us for we will have it working and performing as brand new. Each and every time we have a new piece come to us for the first time we take the time to inspect it. We get to know the individual watch and make sure it remains intact in the way it was designed to be in the first place. It is not always easy to find someone to repair your watch. Particularly an expert who you can rely on to be truthful and reliable. We are that company.

Our stores specialise in the sale, maintenance and repair of fine watches. Therefore, we know all there is to know about each and every time piece. With intimate contact to all of the world’s top brands we can guarantee a superior level of service.

Rolex watch repair and maintenance free estimates

We deeply believe in our services and our craftsmen. This is why we feel comfortable offering our clientele free estimates on any of our services. Furthermore as our extended family, it is important to us to take special care of each and every one of our customers. We will present you with a plan of action after inspecting your watch. All of this while you take a chance to enjoy a beer or drink from our bar. Using the latest technology and fine tools we will assess your watch’s needs. From the inside out every nook and curve of your piece will get the love it needs. Our professional staff have the highest certifications. Also we use all original pieces for your watch repairs and replacements. So your Rolex continues to be 100% the crown King of time keeping. From complete overhauls to buffing out scratches, we are on it.

South Florida fine watch repair

Diamonds by Raymond Lee, Boca Raton fine watch repair

Furthermore we provide distance services as well. So if you are not located or currently in sunny South Florida do not worry. You can still have access to our master craftsmen and state of the art facilities. With 24/7 assistance by phone and email you can trust our mail-in services. Our cleaning and thorough inspection services are highly sought after and acclaimed. Therefore if you would like to bring your watch for expert maintenance and repair let us know! We would love to assist you. The precise and gentle touch of our experts are what your watches need to continue performing at the highest standard, always. We know these watches are not just accessories or items you keep aside. Many and most watch collections carry with them the emotional and sentimental value few other items do. It is why we are devoted to caring for all of our customers.

Specialized watch repair tools

In keeping with our commitment to caring for your items with the utmost respect and finesse we use only the very best tools and technologies. This include some of our most advanced industry equipment machines. We handle your watches with the utmost care and detail whether we are testing their movements or water resistance. In our state of the art shop we have industry leading tools including the Witschi Proofmaster M machine for water resistance testing, the Greiner Vibrograf ACS 900 cleaning machine for cleaning watch movements, the Bergeon No 6928-vr winding and testing machine, and the Witschi Chronoscope M1 timing machine. Our Boca Raton watch repair specialists are certified to use all of this equipment. Additionally they tend to watch maintenance and repair regularly. Our sought after services have been on offer for many years. And the experience shows. Our friends will tell you how reliable our service is.

South Florida fine watch repair

Luxury watch maintenance in South Florida

If your watch begins acting strangely or is ready for some timely repairs, Diamonds by Raymond Lee is your place. We will assist you immediately and show off our artful and precious endeavor. We have a personal and unwavering commitment to our trade. Enhancing our skills and continuing to serve our South Florida community is built into our business model. So you can trust that when you need us, you will be able to find us. All of our conveniently located and masterfully designed showrooms are places you will love. We want them to be places you come to hang out. View our extensive collection of fine watches. From the timeless pieces, to vintage and limited edition models. We have a curated collection that spans far and wide. From the Swiss classics to modern companies changing up the men’s luxury time piece accessory scene. We are equipped for them all.

South Florida watch repair experts

Your fine and luxury watch experts are right here in South Florida. Our state of the art tools and equipment coupled with our master watchmakers are a recipe for success. We have invested in the latest and greatest watch repair machines in order to enable our watchmakers to create their highest quality work. We have an unwavering commitment to ensuring each one of our clients leave having had a dignifying, personalized and exceptional experience with our Boca Raton repair services. A good watch becomes as dependable as an old, trusted friend. Additionally our watch repair craftsmen strive to be your old, trusted friend’s friend. For all the finicky and fidgety bits and pieces they are here to hear and tend to your watches. We will point out exactly what the issue is, why it has happened, and how we will provide the fix. Including how long that fix will take.

South Florida fine watch repair

Watch repair experts in South Florida – Rolex Submariner

You can be worry free and know your piece is in reliable hands. We believe in educating our clients every tiem. So that after each visit, you leave with new and compelling knowledge of an industry we are passionate about. For the last thirty years we have been deeply involved in this industry. And our aim is to expand that knowledge for all. Through events, community interactions, personalized service and catered attention we provide networking, education and most of all a wonderful experience. Watch enthusiasts and avid collectors convene to share this discerning commonality. For us all the specialization of luxury watches are superior interests. Our state of art watch and jewelry workshop, and our team of diamond advisers join the ranks of expert watch craftsmen join together for success. To support our clientele and provide knowledge of watch history and current trends, and talk about watches with watch lovers.

Watch repair near me? Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton

If you are still looking for someone to help you with your watch collection needs look no further than Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Our family of experts, craftsmen and jewellers are here to assist you no matter what your needs may be. We have and continue to work with fine timepieces like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Bell & Ross, Cartier, Patek Phillippe and Omega. Keeping with the latest innovations and patented movements companies like these create makes us some of the country’s leaders in watch maintenance and repair. Meanwhile our experts take special care of your watches you can browse our extensive collection of new and previously owned pieces. From iced out modern looks to unique vintage pieces we have a far reaching collection of time pieces. 

Further if you are looking to personalize your very own watch there are a variety of options. Whether you have stones you would like to use or are interested in searching for a diamond for a bespoke modification. We can cater to your needs. Furthermore, we make individual pieces of jewelry that are made to your specifications. Imbued with and showing off your personality on a luxury time piece is a subtle yet stately way to present yourself. The bespoke dials ranging from precious metals to mother of pearl or diamond studded faces are a gorgeous additon. On the other hand there are options like jewelled bezels or bracelets. Regardless of what your tastes and preferences are we have singular pieces for every gentleman and lady. Including bespoke pieces that were altered with personality.

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