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Vintage Fashion for Fall

Vintage Fashion for Fall

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Vintage fashion has been making a huge comeback over the last couple of seasons, partially contributed to AMC television hit Madmen. The elegant, vintage styles, old-world Victorian jewelry, pearls and earth-toned gemstones paired with herringbone and button shoes are all classic–and fashionable in today’s climate. Vintage fashion is also making quite an impact on communities like Etsy and throughout hand-made and art markets throughout the country.

This vintage inspired fall outfit is fantastic! Flat riding boots in dark brown leather is a great fall shoe–both practical and fashionable. Throwing a loose scarf over any shirt is a great, throw-back accessory for a bare neck. Scarves can provide contrast to an outfit, or match any aspect of the outfit for a great look. All vintage styles are worn best with cute up-dos and short hair—similar to the way women wore their hair in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

Baby Girl Boutique recommends this ensemble which would work great through South Florida’s less-than-comfortable Fall season (temperature-wise). While it’s still pushing the 90s here in South Florida through September, October, and November, peep-toes and clam-diggers are all the rage.

Vintage inspired fall hair accessories are popular today, too! Feathers, dark colors, and flowers are a great way to control and accent your up-do.

There are so many interesting and exciting Vintage looks for the Fall Season. Embrace the come-back of the trend and try out your tastes in the vintage market.

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