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Vacheron Constantin Book Launch: Collector’s Island No. 2

Vacheron Constantin Book Launch: Collector’s Island No. 2

While most people do not have the time or money to dedicate to lavish collections of antiques, samurai swords, expensive jewels, and more, Vacheron Constantin certainly does. During the month of May, the 23rd to be precise, Constantin invited a myriad of exclusive VIP guests to a dinner at the Hong Kong Club to honor the release of his new book “Collector’s Island No. 2”. The book, along with “Collector’s Island No. 1” is part of Constantin’s editorial project in which he outlines and studies the stories of experts in specific fields and their passion for passing on their knowledge and collections to future generations.

The Swiss watch maker’s book focuses on a very select few and the collections to which they have dedicated their time, effort, and lives to preserving. “Collector’s Island No. 2” focuses on a select group of collections and goes in depth to discover what makes these collections so special, what makes their caretakers tick, and what makes these collections different from the thousands of collections across the globe. One collection in particular focuses on Dr. Albert Wong and his collection of samurai and ninja swords, an incredibly practical collection of course.

The book is perhaps a way for those that do not have the money or time to compile these glorious collections to cathartically live out their dreams of possessing a room full of Faberge eggs, or perhaps a house full of fancy dolls. The book is at the very least an incredibly insightful look into the mind of the collector and a way for those of us that have to devote our time to other, less exciting prospects, to see how the other half lives. These collections are undoubtedly impressive, magnificent, and well worth a look and even perhaps an envious eye roll.


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