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A Guide to Buying & Trading Vintage Watches

A Guide to Buying & Trading Vintage Watches

If you are like many people, the thought of owning vintage jewelry is exciting. To own a high quality work of art that has been around for decades is something special. As with anything in life there are benefits and drawbacks of buying vintage watches compared to a new model. By understanding these you will be able to find the right purchase for your needs and wants.

The Style

Vintage Vacheron & Constantin Geneve 18k Yellow Gold Pocket Watch

Vintage Vacheron & Constantin Geneve 18k Yellow Gold Pocket Watch

The style of the watches are both a benefit and a drawback. This is because some vintage styles are fashionable today and others are not. Depending on the watch you are looking at, it can go either way. However, if you like the watch, then it can be a good purchase for you.

The Investment

Depending on the watch you buy, you could look at having something that will grow in value. This can make buying a piece of jewelry you love more of an investment. It can help soften the blow of paying for a vintage watch. There are many enthusiasts who will pay top dollar for high quality vintage watches which can make selling the watch easier. Just be sure you know what you are getting as well as the projected value of the watch.


Vintage Movado Watch

Vintage Movado Watch

If you like to have the newest and trendiest fashion accessories, then a vintage watch may be just the right option for you. These are very fashionable, especially if you have high quality name brand vintage watches. Not only will this complete your outfit but it can also be a great conversation starter when you are out and about or at parties.

The Price

This is one of the biggest downfalls of buying something vintage is the price. Some people will try to overcharge for the piece, which may simply be due to the fact that the piece has sentimental value to them. Either way, a stiff price may make it hard to get the piece you want.

Harder to Find

Vintage Omega

Antique Ladies’ Omega Watch

Another downside to think about with vintage watches when compared to new name brand watches is that they can be harder to find. This is because you can go to your local department store or jeweler to buy watches in Boca Raton.

With vintage watches you have to look for people who sells watches in Boca Raton which can be hard. You may get lucky and find that your local jeweler has vintage pieces. However, they will not get in multiple watches of the same brand so it is important that if you find something you like to buy it right then.


As with any used purchase, there is a fair amount of uncertainty about the purchase. You do not know if the piece will break when you get it home or in some cases whether it is even legitimate. This is why you should only buy from reputable dealers. There is also a huge market for frauds, which is why it is important to know just what you are getting with the watch you buy.

Not the Same Features

Vintage Ladies Raymond Yard Watch

Vintage Ladies Raymond Yard Watch

If you are looking for a watch with GPS or simply one that displays a digital time, then a vintage watch is not the watch to go with. Instead, you should go with a name brand watch that has the features you want. There are many great features that watches can have today.

Tips for Buying Vintage Watches

There are a few tips you should keep in mind when you are shopping for your vintage watch. This can help to make the process a little easier.

  • Know what the piece is worth. No one wants to overpay and this is the best way to ensure that you are getting the right price.
  • Have the piece appraised. This can be a wonderful way to find out the value and it can also help you to see any issues that the pieces may have.
  • Keep in mind that buying a vintage watch is no different as an investment for a vintage car. You want to show both off but want to make sure that you get the maximum back when you go to sell. Take care of them the same.
  • Have a basic understanding of how the movements work in the watch. This will help you to be able to look at the watch and tell from a glance the quality of the inner workings.

Where to Buy a Vintage Watch in Boca Raton

Vintage Rolex

Vintage Rolex

There are a few good places to start. You can watch online ads and sales. Some people belong to vintage watch groups online where they can find out about sales going on. If this seems like too much work for you, then you can always find a jeweler who can help you find what you are looking for. While not all jewelers will search for pieces, there are many out there who will actively shop or keep an eye out for the piece you are looking for. This can take all the hassle out of shopping for the watch you want.

Questions to Ask the Seller

To make an informed buying decision there are many things you will want to know about the purchase. This is why it is important to ask the right questions. Some of the questions you should ask are:

  • Was the case frequently polished? While this may make the watch shine, it can actually weaken the metals and can drop the value.
  • Is it signed? Having a name brand piece will make it more valuable.
  • What original accessories are with it? In a perfect world you would be able to get the case and service records for a vintage watch but this is a rare occurrence. The more you have the better though.
  • Does the watch have a provence? This is an engraving that can indicate the use of the watch and can help to give some back story to the piece. While this may not necessarily increase the value, it can help to make it more of an interesting piece.
  • Has the dial been fixed? Even though this seems like a good thing, it can actually drop the value of the watch. This is true even if the person used the original dial. This is because they will put a new luminescent coating over the piece.

So Should I Buy New or Vintage?

Vintage Panther

Vintage Panther

The truth is that there is no one right answer to this. You will want to go with whichever watch meets your needs. This is why you should think about what you want to get out of the watch. If you are simply going for something that looks great anesthetically and is trendy, then either a vintage or new watch can work for you. However, if you are looking for a watch with many gadgets, then you should go with something new. If you are unsure of which is the right choice, talk with a jeweler. They will be able to help you find not only the right type of watch, but the exact watch that will be right for you.


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