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Thinking of Selling Your Diamonds In Boca Raton?

Thinking of Selling Your Diamonds In Boca Raton?

Selling diamond jewelry in South Florida is no different from trading in a vehicle or redeeming an investment. Not all jewelry is a permanent fixture in your life, and even if it’s a piece that has been passed down through the generations, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to hold onto such an expensive diamond when you could be making good use of the money.

Diamonds don’t even have to be in their best condition to profit off them; Boca Raton jewelers buy broken and damaged diamonds in order to salvage them and give them new beginnings as smaller, pre-owned pieces. Even if you found a promising piece in an estate sale or received a loved one’s long-forgotten jewelry box, don’t discount its potential value. Bring any diamond – or diamond ring, necklace, earrings, or bracelet – to an expert in order to find out just what you’ve been holding onto all this time.

The Internet is a great way to locate trusted South Florida jewelry stores and diamond appraisers. However, you shouldn’t depend on an estimated price or try to eyeball it yourself before you shop for a buyer. In-person appraisals are the only guarantee that you won’t be tricked into parting with a diamond in the literal rough; hang onto antique diamond pieces until you can get more than one expert opinion.

Make sure you stay realistic about your expectations. If you’ve inherited a diamond ring that one of your family members wore for years, you might not be able to rely on word-of-mouth when it comes to the diamond’s value. Even a diamond was originally sold with a certain carat size or grade, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the original seller was completely straightforward or well-educated.

Strike While the Market Is Hot

Wondering if you can get a good price for your unwanted diamonds in Boca Raton? You might want to think seriously about making a decision sooner than later. If you’re hoping to make a dent in student loans, maybe a clean start to your adult life is worth more than those diamond earrings that are so valuable, you only wear them on special occasions. If retirement is in your near future or you’re just experiencing a bout of empty nest syndrome, now is an excellent time to set aside some extra funds. You might want to travel the world, or just stay right here and finally make the most of your Floridian lifestyle. Whatever your future expenses may be, your big diamonds and other fine jewelry are just as unnecessary as the extra bedrooms and the big backyard.

International demand for diamonds keeps skyrocketing, as countries such as India and China emulate the American engagement ring tradition. Overseas jewelers are launching intense campaigns to promote diamonds as both status symbols and gifts of incredible sentimental value, and because of that, Americans and the Western world in general has enjoyed a steady climb in the demand – and therefore the price – of diamonds.

Enjoy a Diamond-Studded Silver Lining

Diamonds are brilliant treasures that last for many lifetimes of fond memories, but if none of those memories belong to you, don’t feel obligated to keep an inherited diamond or an unwanted diamond gift. Whether you’re supporting a young family or checking adventures off your bucket list, selling diamonds

If you’re looking for ways to sell a diamond engagement ring that you don’t need anymore, you’re in good company. There’s no shame in finding a new home for your diamond, especially when the rest of your life is transforming too. Selling your ring can provide invaluable closure and financial support, which softens the blow of divorce so that you can get back to your normal self as quickly as possible.

Expensive diamond rings are often part of a bigger package; if you’re downsizing the rest of your lifestyle, it might be a good time to downsize what’s on your finger too.

Follow in the Footsteps of Superstars who Down-sized for Charity

If you pay attention to popular culture or belong to any social media platforms, you’ve probably already seen plenty of ring finger close-ups in the newsstands and giddy photographic announcements on your newsfeeds. You’ve probably heard the seven-digit estimates, too; Hollywood loves their diamond engagement rings, and the more valuable, the better. When two actors, pop stars, or other high-profile entertainers get engaged, the ring takes center stage; carats are compared, previous fiancées are measured according to the price tag, and trends are born from particularly unconventional choices.

So what happens to the ring when a couple calls it off? There’s no shortage of breakups to study for examples: even the richest and most famous people find themselves selling diamond engagement rings. But when they do it, it’s usually for a good cause.

After paparazzi magnet Paris Hilton, still in the height of her infamy, split from eponymous fiancé Paris Latsis, she also took her ring to auction. Her 24 carat rectangular diamond was flanked by two triangular pieces and cost $4.7 million; Hilton even admitted that the ring felt uncomfortably large on her finger. This time, New Orleans benefited; she donated the proceeds from the auction to help people rebuild their lives after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

No one knew diamonds better than Elizabeth Taylor, whose marriage to Richard Burton produced much of her exquisite jewelry collection. In 1969, Burton gave her an engagement ring that still hasn’t been outdone; in fact, it’s now referred to as the Taylor-Burton Diamond. The 69 carat, one-inch-thick Cartier diamond rang in at an unprecedented $1.1 million, which translates into almost $7 million when you adjust for inflation. In fact, it was so big that Taylor opted to set it in a long necklace before selling it ten years later because she’d stopped wearing it.

After Taylor passed away, her elaborate and brilliant jewels helped continue her fundraising efforts for AIDS patients. In 2011, her estate auctioned away eighty different pieces of jewelry, which included another gift from Burton – a necklace with pearls, rubies, and diamonds – as well as a 33 carat diamond ring that sold for the winning bid of $8.8 million. The collection raised a total of $115 million, some of which will go toward the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Not many women will leave behind millions of dollars’ worth of jewelry. If you have too many pieces to wear them all, associate some of your old diamonds with long-gone memories, or just don’t want to face the safety risks of having expensive jewels, it’s a good time to look for places that will buy your diamonds in Boca Raton.


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