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The Best of TAG Heuer – Guest Post

The Best of TAG Heuer – Guest Post

TAG Heuer

Tag Heuer is a Swiss watch manufacturer. The brand specializes in production of luxury time pieces that distinguish with their performance and appearance. Despite the great design of all watches, the best advantage of Tag Heuer is the quality and capability of their products. We shall also say that they are the first firm to patent the automatic chronograph system able to measure 1/10th of a second and then to improve it further so to be able to calculate 1/100th. The Swiss producer has long traditions and is a well known name in this industry, symbol of endurance and performance. This article will present you the two most incredible watches made so far by the brand- the men’s best and women’s best one.

The Tag Heuer’s men’s best time piece in my opinion is Grand Carrera Calibre 17. This exceptional watch has a long history. It evolved a lot trough the years but at the same time preserved the initial design and spirit, inspired by the GT racing cars. Nowadays its association is with style, luxury and performance. About its specifications we shall mention the automatic chronograph, 33mm bezel diameter, 100 meter water proof and scratch resistant protection. Furthermore on the dial there’s a date window just above the index of 6
o’clock, permanent seconds display at 3 o’clock and chronograph minutes in a mirror type display at 9 o’clock. There are also the usual Tag Heuer logos; however even with them the watch looks simple and stylish. The indexes and the hands are luminescent. The popularity of this masterpiece forced the Swiss producer to expand the range of design options; now there is plenty of stylish finishing available. If you would like to customize your Grand Carrera Calibre 17 even further it’s possible. Tag Heuer will make a unique one that fulfills your preferences; however this would cost you a lot. A special order gold watch from this series is about $15 000 US dollars. The good news is that if you are ok with the series production design and features then you will have to pay only around $4 000 US dollars. Of course this is also quite a lot of money but its worth as is a supreme. Among the celebrities that have this time piece are Lewis Hamilton and Leonardo Di Caprio.

The best Tag Heuer watch for women so far is considered to be the Formula 1 Steel, Ceramic and Diamonds. By the term best here we mean the combination of great design, ultimate performance and reasonable price. There are other Tag Heuer Formula 1, Monaco, Link and Carrera Calibre watches that are also fantastic.

This time piece is brilliant when speaking of performance. The mechanic-quartz combination for the chronograph is guaranteed for supreme endurance and large possibilities. Moreover the Tag Heuer brand is a guarantee for quality and perfection. The best thing about this watch for most women is the diamonds placed on it- 10 on the dial and 126 on the case. Keep in mind that this brilliant finishing has its price and moreover weight. Because all of those diamonds this time piece has the weakness of a little bigger case diameter- 36mm and is also heavier. The price of this incredible masterpiece is around $4000- 5000 US dollars. Along with the watch you also receive a certificate for the authenticity of these 136 precious stone. If you can afford this watch you really going to love it.

These two time pieces are great, however there are a lot more of Tag Heuer’s creations that you may like. Defining the best watch is not an easy task so it shouldn’t be a surprise if you like another one more. This article is just a summary of the overall opinion.

Raymond Lee Jewelers is a proud seller of authentic, pre-owned Tag Heuer luxury timepieces. Even on a budget, these works of horological art can be yours.


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