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How Does Shape Affect Engagement Ring Cost?

How does shape affect engagement ring cost? This is an interesting question, and one we’re more than happy to answer. Specifically, how does diamond shape affect an engagement ring’s cost? Because in reality, your engagement ring setting could be virtually any shape with minimal difference in cost, as long as the other materials (metals and […]

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How Does Shape Affect The Price of a Diamond?

How does shape affect the price of a diamond? Truth be told, this is a question our grooms ask more often than our brides. For the ladies, they have a cut – maybe two – that they’re drawn to, and the rest of the engagement ring budget should be arranged around that preference. For the […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Pear Shaped Diamonds

Pear shaped diamonds are due for a comeback. We’ve been in favor of this for years. And 2016 might just be the year we finally see a resurgence in the popularity of this under-appreciated diamond shape. Related: 2016 Engagement Ring Trends But before you’re ready to say yes to a pear shape, you need to […]