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Tacori Rings: His & Hers

Tacori Rings: His & Hers

Tacori Rings

Tacori rings are stunning, there’s no doubt about that. We can’t get enough of them! They’re designed by artisans in California, and handmade there by skilled jewelers who specialize in every facet – pun intended – of ring design. Every Tacori ring is easily customizable and comes ready to pair with your favorite Tacori wedding ring – or two, or three Tacori wedding rings!

Tacori’s rings are just bursting with diamonds, even before we set your perfect center stone in them! Every diamond is hand selected by their master gemologists, and must meet strict quality standards. Every single diamond you see and love in a Tacori engagement ring is Gorgeous, and Very Sexy – aka they’re G color and VS clarity. They’re also conflict-free, just like every other diamond sold at Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

Every diamond supplier in the Tacori network must be compliant with the Kimberley Process. Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process is a system that unites governments and diamond producing countries to stop the mining and export of conflict diamonds. It is designed to support only those diamond sources that are legitimately produced to benefit the local economy – not fund violent groups. Every Tacori diamond includes Kimberley Process compliance paperwork so you know your ring holds beautiful, conflict-free diamonds.

And it’s not just the bling that makes Tacori rings so special. It’s the metal itself. Whether Tacori’s artists are working with their signature platinum, or their special and eye catching yellow gold and rose gold designs, the result is always, appropriately, a work of art. So it’s no surprise that while the ladies’ Tacori rings get most of the attention, the gentlemen’s wedding bands demand a second look.

Tacori gentlemen’s bands are, in a word, stunning. They combine texture, design, and an insane amount of detail into rings that are perfect for the man who loves luxury. They elevate the classic men’s wedding band with Tacori’s signature design elements, AKA Tacori Touches. And while they’re all beautiful, masculine pieces of jewelry, we love to compare them with their counterparts!

Today’s couples like to mix and match. Whether it’s her engagement ring with her wedding band(s), hers and hers engagement rings, or his and his wedding bands, you and your partner don’t need to match! We can’t say this enough – you’re each other’s complement. You don’t also have to be twinsies. But it’s great to coordinate elements of each ring into the other, so that while each ring looks amazing together, even when apart they still stand on their own while remaining forever linked to the other ring (by love and great design.) Here, let us show you what we’re talking about!

Tacori Rings Tacori Rings Tacori Rings Tacori Rings Tacori Rings Tacori Rings Tacori Rings



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