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Tacori Engagement Rings – Our Top 10 Pins for May

Tacori Engagement Rings – Our Top 10 Pins for May

Tacori engagement rings have taken over our Pinterest! As one of our premium designers, these gorgeous engagement ring settings captured our hearts and attention the moment we laid eyes on them. It looks like Pinterest users agree.

With Diamonds by Raymond Lee’s new Pinterest account, we’ve been filling up each designer engagement ring brand’s boards faster than you can say “Does that come in rose gold?” And our Tacori Engagement Rings board is leading the pack.

 We’ve been working hard on it all month, and we’re already seeing a few of our favorites spreading like wildfire. So before we kick off the long weekend for Memorial Day (we will be closed Monday in observance) we want to show off the best Tacori engagement ring pins for the month of May!

This rose gold Ribbon stunner looks perfect in pink gold, and we love the angle of this shot. This Pretty in Pink ring features approximately 0.22ctw of round diamonds. Diamonds are G in color and VS in clarity. The setting easily holds a round or princess cut diamond .75 carats and up.

We love this Dantela ring, so when it started gaining traction on Pinterest we were thrilled to share in its admiration. Those stunning blue sapphires add the perfect pop of color to the .26 carats total of round brilliant accent diamonds that are G in color and VS in clarity, AKA Gorgeous, Very Sexy diamonds in Tacori-speak. We love that mnemonic device! Makes it so easy to remember just how fabulous Tacori diamond quality is.

Oh, Blooming Beauties, we can’t get enough of you! And this amazing double halo just reinforces our obsession. 1.03 carats total of round brilliant diamonds make this setting glisten, and the center can accommodate a variety of diamond shapes including emerald, oval, princess and round starting at .65ctw and larger.

Ohhh this RoyalT engagement ring! We’re obsessed with the gorgeous way Tacori artisans set the accent round brilliant diamonds – all 1.65 carats of them. And this shot of the ring’s side perspective shows off the stunning details etched into every angle of a Tacori engagement ring.

Who can resist a princess cut? Certainly not us! This Dantela solitaire features .20 carats of expertly set Gorgeous, Very Sexy diamonds. It easily accommodates a variety of shapes, as long as your center diamond is .45 carats or larger. This pin shows it in 18 karat white gold, but it also comes in 18 karat yellow gold, 18 karat rose gold, and of course, platinum.

Time for another round of RoyalT, this time with a large and in charge halo engagement ring setting by Tacori. 1.32 carats of Gorgeous, Very Sexy round brilliant diamonds combine in shared prong and channel set techniques to create this incredible setting that shines from every angle. The large halo accommodates center diamonds starting at 1.20 carats and up!

This Ribbon collection Tacori engagement ring
is sheer perfection! Those ribbons of diamonds twist and turn to fold back on each other and embrace the amazing center stone of your choice. The accent diamonds add a subtle sparkle with .87 carats total of Gorgeous, Very Sexy round brilliants, and this setting is best for a center diamond 2 carats or larger.

What a fantastic way to show off how different each Tacori line is! This pin demonstrates a smattering of the Tacori engagement rings we proudly serve up in our gorgeous new showroom. There are 12 different Tacori engagement ring lines, and we broke down the differences between each of them in this blog post.

Bonjour Petite Crescent! This amazing triple threat comes from Tacori’s Petite Crescent line.Like all the settings from Petite Crescent, this one uses French cut settings to enhance the sparkle factor, with more diamonds exposed, less metal surrounding them, and a more diamond-intense look overall! The ring holds 1.03 carats of round brilliant diamonds, and accommodates a center stone 1 carat or larger.

Last but not least, we have to show off just one more Dantela engagement ring before we send you on your merry way to Memorial Day weekend. This emerald cut beauty features delicate diamond accents that add .25 carats total to this dainty setting. It accommodates a center stone 1 carat or larger in round, oval, or princess cut too, but clearly we favor an emerald cut in this style!

So, what are your favorite Tacori engagement rings from our Pin boards? If you think these are great, make sure you follow us to see the new shots of our fabulous settings that we add daily.


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